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Hostel Tabor

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5   A bargain! We had a great double private room with new furniture. We were really pleased with the location, staff and even the free breakfast. Well worth a booking here!  , age 24, USA ()
4   Back to school It is an eerie feeling to be sleeping in a large school building converted into a hostel. Academia has been replaced with groups of travelers having a grand time in beautiful Ljubljana. Dorms are spacious and clean, cupboards with locks and keys, and enough tables and chairs to rekindle your student days. The kitchen is clean and neat, although there is only one mug to fight over. I found the meal hall a bit intimidating (it's huge) and the breakfast is ok. Bathrooms are kept to a HI standard (which means it's clean!) and showers are nice and hot. The reception staff are informative and friendly, and the internet has a decent speed. Overall, we had a blast swapping school tales with other roommates and experiencing Ljubljana for the first time.  , Australia ()
4  This was a good hotel to stay in the beautiful city of Ljubljana. Close to the center, nice and clean rooms. I recommend this hostel.  ()
5  Fantastic. It was like a hotel. We met someone there who was staying in the hotel next door and switched to the hostel because it was so much better! Very clean and bright, we got our own room equipped with cupboards, shelves, our own sink (this is a definite plus!), plug sockets (a godsend!), and a corridor of friendly people we met whilst spending the evening on the communal balcony. Plus it's very easy to find and only ten minutes from the train station. The staff were friendly and the internet was free, we stayed two extra days than intended, largely due to this hostel!  ()
3  It's kind of like staying in an abandoned college dorm (oh wait, it is). Bizarre cafeteria breakfast. We literally didn't have anyone else staying on our floor. The service is kind of like military barracks (it's all about efficiency). The location is good, but it's a small city, so basically any location is good. Go to this city though, we had some good adventures here.  ()
1  I've stayed at this hostel last August. Unfortunately I left behind a tour guide I would very much like to recoup. I've already sent some e-mails asking for the whereabouts of the guide and, thus far, none have been answered. I sincerely don't like being treated like this. Not even a lousy answer! I'll just continue to send them until I have some sort of an answer.  ()
5  I think it s the best in Ljubljana. Very friendly staff and young people. There is 15 minutes of free Internet but at night you can stay on till the early morning. Good breakfast, all you can eat.  ()
5  We came to Ljubljana on a train from Trieste, and arrived at 2 a.m. We slept in the train station and were given directions to the hostel from the tourist information office at about 8 a.m. We got there at about 8:30 a.m. and we were given a room for that night!! We were seriously relieved to have a bed and a shower, and we had the room for ages!! None of this lockout rubbish. We had room 184, it was the best room I've stayed in. You get a table, power points, and everything you could need. The Internet was free on a normal PC, none of this rubbish Internet corner you get in Italy. We stayed in July 2005 and paid 7600 SIT [Slovene tolars] a night for a double bedroom (me and girlfriend).  ()

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