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Capadocia (provincia romana) Albergues


Comentarios sobre Capadocia (provincia romana)

Göreme is a stunning place, and no matter in which direction you walk, you will encounter great sights. You can easily walk to the Open Air Museum and take local buses to the main underground cities. You will be pressured into booking a tour in Istanbul over and over, and then again when you arrive in Cappadoccia. It is not necessary at all to book a tour, unless you really are in a rush and want to be driven around or unless you want to see gimmicky things such as pottery-making demonstrations.
Göreme … Goreme is a nice place, very laid back. I enjoyed most the walk through the Red Rose VAlley. the valley itself is great and you'll end up at the "Flintstone café", run by a friendly guy. the vies from there are marvellous. there is a church nearby which to my opinion tops the ones in the open air museum in Goreme: have a look. Keep on walking to the sunset point for more great hiking, the sunset pint is rather so so but it is easy to go back to Goreme on the road from there.
Göreme … Goreme is the best place I have ever been in my life. The nature, landscaping, and the people are great.
The new Göreme tour is very nice and good company.

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