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Comentarios sobre Ecuador

Montañita is an incredible place and the beach at night is very crazy. You have to come and watch and feel for yourself.
I loved staying in Mindo. It's perfect for a short jungle visit. Take the little gondola and hike to the waterfalls. It's beautiful.
Love the city. Full of life, friendly people and very cheap. The U.S. dollar goes a long way there. Been there with my wife to visit her family five times and was also married there. Make sure you visit the Malecon 2000, which is a large waterfront park located on the Guayas river in the downtown area. Lots of tropical plants and flowers and original jungle trees wihch date back to before the city was founded (our wedding portraits were taken in this park). Also visit the small chapel and lighthouse at the top of the Santa Anna hill in the Old Guayaquil section for spectacular views of the city. Lots of shopping and dining. Visit the Mall Del Sol which is a large American-style shopping center located in a very nice area across the street from the Sheraton Hotel and five to ten minutes from the airport and downtown. Don't carry lots of cash because you won't need it.You can find bargains anywhere except the for the malls. Artesanal is a good place to bargain shop for souvenirs…
Baños … We found that Banos was the high spot on our vist to Ecuador.
Tourists need to avoid the district calle Amazona at night alone in Quito. There is a red light district that leads up to the bario Floresta in Quito.
Manglaralto … Quiet little town. Lots of stray dogs -- but that's everywhere. Friendly people. Not a party place, good if you want to relax.

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