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B&B Utrecht

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Comentarios de los Visitantes de Hostelz.com
1  i remember walking into this hostel and thinking, there is no way i can sleep here! the room was way too crowded, dirty, and small. No space for luggage. So I left.  , australian ()
5  We originally booked for 2 days and stayed 2 weeks! You really can't beat this price, 12 euros for basic food (a lot of cheese) plus dorm bed (some are more comfy than others so test a few out) and Internet. Great classic video collection, and the owner is lovely... providing slabs of beer a few times a week, and occasionally a vodka watermelon! The rooms and bathrooms are cleaned everyday and the kitchen is as clean as you make it, so clean up after yourself and you're fine. It is near canals and swimming pools and lovely parks and a nice flat walk into town. We will definitely go back!  ()
5  Excellent place to live with lively atmosphere. It's cost-effective with very good facilities. The food was great and it had a very cooperative staff. It's easy to reach from Central Station and convenient for various places.  ()
4  I liked it. It was cheap and had friendly staff. Good fellow guests, too. It's a little bit off the beaten track and a tad dirty, but for 12 euros you can't go wrong!  ()
5  The best place to stay. They have friendly staff, it's clean, and costs only 12 euros with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There's free internet all day. It's the best of Utrecht.  ()
4  Dirty but nice. It's not far from the centre, and is very cool for socializing. In the big meeting room there are acoustic and electric guitars, pianos, bongos, basses, violins, trumpets, and even a drum set that guests can play on the sofas till 10:00. Meeting people there is very easy. The free food is not so good, and the plates are sometimes dirty. The hostel itself is quite dirty as well. But, when guests pay, they also have to sign that they are "FULLY SATISFIED" of the conditions of cleanliness.  ()

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