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The Flying Pig Uptown Hostel

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4   Great place and atmosphere. The top floor is a tough trip to make. We just left flying pig uptown. Awesome place with a great atmosphere and a very helpful staff. Can't say enough about the workers there. The bad part is that we stayed on the top floor with was a total workout -- about 6 total flights of stairs with risers that are steeper than what they have in the states (6"). The trek to the top floor is a bummer when you've been partying and need to get back to the hostel. The 3 bedroom hostel was located on the top floor -- avoid that bed arrangement if possible! For those looking for a great location -- almost everywhere is a good spot in amsterdam, but this area was perfect for us.  , age 28, Usa ()
5   Cozy and inviting, a great hostel! Bathrooms were a little small but other than that, staff was very nice and the bar served really cheap drinks and pizza. There's also a smoking room and a nearby coffee shop. The walk to the center is pretty fast, roughly 25 minutes and worth it, as the hostel is in a good area.  , age 20, Canada ()
5  wow. very cool.  , age 30, indonesia ()
4   Decent hostel by Vondelpark If you're looking to be in the heart of all the action, the Flying Pig Uptown isn't the best choice. The hostel is located outside the city center near Vondelpark. It's in a much more relaxed and mellow neighborhood. Walking to the train station or the party zones takes a little while, but it's nothing too bad. There are also trams if you need them. The breakfast in the morning is your typical hostel breakfast of cereals, toast, some fruit and hard boiled eggs. They've got a smoking room and a bar/lounge area that are pretty nice to hang out in.  , age 31, USA ()
5   Awesome Location and Great Staff This hostel was probably the best one that I stayed in on my Euro-trip. It is located in the Uptown (Leisplein area) of Amsterdam. This is the area that is close to all of the night clubs in Amsterdam. The hostel has a nice bar with good deals and a friendly staff that is a great place to drink at and meet other people before going out. We stayed in an eight person dorm room with a shared bathroom. There are a lot of steps in this hostel, but an experienced hostel traveler should expect that, especially in amsterdam. All in all I didn't find too many things wrong with this hostel. WiFi was available everywhere throughout the hostel, so that was nice too!  , age 21, United States ()
3   Rooms were not clean and small, but good breakfast and location When we arrived after a long flight we found people sleeping in our beds. we had no where to put our stuff and relax even though our room was reserved a month before. The staff had no idea on how to handle the situation it took them 3 hours to get the room ready and still forgot to give us clean sheets. Good thing we arrived during breakfast hours and enjoyed the free buffet and lounged by the bar.  , USA ()
2   You can find better Amsterdam is such an awesome city for the pure fact that you can smoke bud anywhere! Who cares if they have a room downstairs to smoke in? There are way better places to stay. Also, the location isnt all that great because you have to either walk (twenty minutes) or take the train (2.50 euro) to get downtown.  , USA ()
2   Avoid unless you just want to smoke pot I was twenty-one and traveling solo so I thought this would be a fun place. If you just want to smoke out and party, it is a great hostel for you. They had disgusting showers and toilets and the room always smelled. From what I can remember though, the dorm room was pretty big. Most of the workers were ok, but they didn't bend over backwards to help you. I was pretty pissed with how I got roomed with all men being the only female in there. I was very uncomfortable. Pretty much the only perk is that it is a nice location and the dorm room is large. I would just go somewhere else if I returned to Amsterdam though.  , USA ()

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