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Rodos Youth Hostel

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Comentarios de los Visitantes de Hostelz.com
2   If you have no other option The sanitary facilities are not hygienic and very primitive. The showers are in the toilet cabins, the washbasins, showers and the toilets are crammed in a very small and dark space on the ground floor, no toilets or showers on other floors. The pillows and bedsheets were from synthetic I guess so at night at around 30 C they make you sweat so bad I had to put towels on them to be able to sleep. There is a WiFi service but no reception from the rooms you have to be close to the courtyard where the modem is located. The two stars I gave are, one is for the friendly owners, the second is for the location of the hostel. If these two positive points are good enough for you and you are really on a tight budget go and stay there, otherwise I don't recommend it.  , age 39, turkey ()
1   Aucun confort pr le prix! Nous avons passé 1 nuit (au lieu de 3) à Rhodos Youth Hostel. Nous avions réservé un studio pour 4 (2 adultes et 2 jeunes enfants). Nous avons l'habitude de voyager en Guesthouse (chine, thailande, grèce, islande) mais celle-ci n'était pas terrible du tout! D'abord le propriétaire m'avait dit que ça couterait 40€ pr 4 puis, qd j'ai demandé un studio, il ne m'a pas communiqué le prix. Qd je suis arrivée, il ne m'a pas non plus donné de prix mais m'a dit de ne pas m'inquiéter. Qd il a finalement bien voulu le donner, c'était 70€ + 10€ pr A/C! J'ai pu négocier à 60 sans A/C. Il faisait très chaud et on a dû dormir fenêtres ouvertes. Mais vu le nv de bruit (Rhodes+guesthouse), impossible de dormir avant 5h du matin. Puis, vu qu'il n'y a pas de rideau/volet (ni lampes chevets, ni literie correcte), on s'est réveillé à 6h30. Bref pas top du tout! On a décidé de partir et on a trouvé une chambre géniale avec terrasse privée sur les toits de Rhodes pour ... 80€! Pas du tt intéressant donc pr le prix! J'ajouterais aussi que le gars a lavé notre linge et que j'ai dû jeter 2 t-shirts et 1 jupe qui sont ressortis plein de tâches de rouille je pense.  , age 38 ()
5   Very friendly, loved it! We were there this year and we loved it! the staff is very friendly, they let us taste some of the very lovely greek food and we had very nice conversation with them. They make you feel at home. It is also clean and has a charming courtyard. It's cheap too!! Definitely recommended.  , age 25, Spain ()
4   Really nice people and a great location I stayed here for 3 nights and really enjoyed my time. The owners are wonderful people, and treat you like family. I met some very interesting travelers here as well. People are quite laid back, cook together, spend some time in the evening or afternoon just talking in the courtyard ... it's a nice feeling. And for the price, it can't be beat!  , USA/BRA ()
5  I spent all my holidays there, delightful, I must say. wonderful place, but most wonderful people, the owners. very openminded, social, often invited to eat together, never had money problems. it's right in the middle of the old town of rodos, but also only twenty minutes away from the beach. I think, I should return ...  , slovenia ()
4   Very nice I loved it, the place is charming, the location and the building itself are unique, you won't find the same mix of beauty and atmosphere in other more modern hotels in Rhodes Town! It has a colourful internal courtyard where you can hang out, it's cheap, and super friendly.  , Italy ()
4   Great The hostel was a life saver as i didnt have anywhere to stay, very cheap, people that owned it were lovely! Amazing location in old town, very hildy wildy. Will return! Treated me like one of the family, would recommend it to anyone traveling alone, very safe! Met lots of friends there as well!  , england ()
3   I liked it! i think that this hostel was very friendly and the owner was friendly. i went there with my family and we all had a nice time. if i will go again to Rhodes i would like to stay again there. also about this pictures i want to say that maybe the person who put them didn't like this hostel. i don't know why but my family and i had a really great time!!!  , england ()

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