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Mezkalito Hostel

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Comentarios de los Visitantes de Hostelz.com
5   Better here than in Europe Stayed here Aug 2006 and not sure if it's the same building. The one I stayed in was great, the hostel was clean, beds clean, and the bathrooms clean. The staff was happy to talk and help. Was shocked on the amount of breakfast was displayed for us. My first hostel stay was in Ireland, Germany, and Greece and they all were dirty and the staff liked as if you'll bothering them. So when I came to Oaxaca and stayed at "Mezkalito" felt like I was at the Hilton in Beverly Hills. For the price it's so worth it.  , USA ()
3   All right This hostel is probably good in the summer but since everything is outdoors (tables, showers, bathroom) it can be quite inconvenient in the winter. The location is fine, some rooms are way too small but the hostel has a nice patio.  , France ()
4  Great hostel, helpful staff. Cheap rooms (80 pesos for the mixed dorm). Central location. Loses a star because the pool wasn't available when we were there but otherwise great. Stay here.  ()
2  It's new rebuilt and for me it's the unique advantage of this hostel. It's bad located on the main street and at 4 a.m. there's already a lot of traffic. Sleeping it's impossible. For its range is too expensive and the guys who run the hostels are not smart. Don't go there if you need to rest!!!!  ()

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