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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Habitat HQ" at 333 St Kilda Road.)


333 St Kilda Road, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
-37.865486, 144.985628
info@thehabitathq.com.au, anna@thehabitathq.com.au
+61 (3) 9537-3888
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Great stay
It was very clean and modern, I was happy that it was quite enough to sleep at night and I'd stay again when I have something on in St Kilda, Thanks.
Age 33, Australia
Best Hostel!
The Free wifi really works (in contrast to another Hostel in central Melbourne, which offered only extremely slow free wifi). Nice staff, great atmosphere, a perfect place to stay in St Kilda! Also, they are also very detail-oriented!
Everything in the hostel is so good, just that room is just too small
I like the courtyard, living room, kitchen, bathroom ... they are all in good condition and well maintained. the room is too small for 6 occupiers, not much space to walk around.
Clean and Sterile
I give this hostel three stars because there are good and bad points. As far as clean, fresh air conditioned rooms go, this hostel gets a five-star rating, the beds are comfy, which is rare for a backpacking hostel to have and the bathrooms are clean, there are housekeepers maintaining this large place everyday. However, if you are traveling alone do not stay here. Unlike the hostels in adelaide and brisbane, this one is too big to really meet many people and when you do they are so cliquey you cannot even say hello without being ignored. The reception staff are cold and basically could not care less, i was also misinformed of the price as it differs from the website, considering i stayed off peak as well. For 210 per week i suggest staying somewhere in the central city which is a lot safer than the location here (prostitute central just around the corner). You also have to pay a deposit for cutlery and cups, and to top it all off the cutlery i received was not washed and the mug had lumps of sugar and coffee residue, the staff informed me it's the Traveler's Responsibility to clean up. Another time I was approached by the manager and asked to show my swipe card because she did not believe i was staying here. I mean for goodness sake! I did not look forward to coming back here at the end of a day/night out in melbourne to sleep because everyone that stays is inconsiderate and loud, especially if you are looking for work and have a job to start early in the morning. The TV is fixed on foxtel 8 so if you like watching american idol over and over again then this is for you. Basically if you stay one night, then perfect. If you are here for a holiday, like to drink, and don't care who your bed buddies are then go for it. I would much rather be in an adelaide hostel as melbourne is too expensive and rude, hostelwise! The city itself is awesome and I will come back to Victoria again and again.
Great hostel with a few things to improve
This hostel was one of the best I stayed in during my trip so far. It has good air conditioning (you can adjust it per room), very clean rooms, nice beds with good mattresses, big kitchen, two big TVs, great showers and toilets, and two lights in the room, one big light and one night light. It was annoying that the room doors on the whole floor slammed shut. That's not really comfy when you're trying to get some sleep. And it would have been nice if the beds had personal lights, but that's not a big problem. Unfortunately the air conditioning in the kitchen didn't work during my stay (one-and-a-half weeks). So that area was more like a sauna. But still a very good and nice place to stay!
Nice hostel
I liked this hostel. It had a good atmosphere and they had events to get people interacting. Nice social area downstairs, kitchen was big but had inadequate storage, and everything I put in the fridge disappeared. The dorms weren't the most spacious with 3 bunk beds crammed into a room with some space in the middle, but they were clean. Large shower/toilet rooms with multiple of each. Big car park was a bonus so you could take your car in and out and always get parking. There is a few prostitutes going about the area but they don't talk to you and the area felt safe.
Went from excellent to like the others
Stayed there for ages like many others that were working in Melbourne like me. The atmosphere was brilliant, honestly the best backpackers I ever stayed in my whole life, and believe me there was a lot. Problem is, for some reason, the got a new manager and she screwed everything. Curfews, loads of ridiculous rules, deposit for your own plate. No need to say that the brilliant ambiance we had just been killed. We found out that the reason the probably waited all those months before putting all those rules is because we were in the winter, so they needed or money but as soon as summer was coming and they didnt need our cash anymore, they did everything to kick us out. Best example, a rule of a maximum stay of two weeks. Come on, which hostels will say, no I dont want more money from you? So all that made that this place was awesome and ended up just being a nice place like the others.
I thought this was a great hostel, the best hostel in any of the cities i stayed in in oz. Place was clean, everything was new. staff were pretty nice. Only downside was the kitchens a bit small. But apart from that i loved it.

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