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West Yellowstone Hostel at the Madison Hotel

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Comentarios de los Visitantes de Hostelz.com
5   Excellent Very clean and friendly staff and owners. Highly recommended. Safe and comfortable.  , USA ()
2   BedBugs, Noise And Dust From Construction This Hotel is under constant remodeling and very dusty and noisy with constant construction. Then there are BEDBUGS!! The owners rent the rooms knowing full well of the infestation. TERRIBLE !!!  , USA ()
4   Charming, unique place I stayed in a private room. The original twelve rooms were built in 1912, so consequently one needs to understand that the rooms are small and not too soundproof. Because it's an historic building, they are unable to remodel or provide a kitchen. I enjoyed my stay. Very friendly staff, it has a homey feel and a lot of character. I definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking for something a bit different.  , Canada ()
2   Infested with BedBugs Stayed at the Madison Hotel in Room nine for four nights. When they say "cute and cozy" they mean "small." Four of us were in a room with two double beds which left no room for our luggage let alone us. And we were regularly chomped by bed bugs. We alerted Linda on the desk who had no idea what to do about an infestation. The common room was quite comfortable with TV and internet but unfortunately there was no kitchen available to prepare meals. The hotel is well located for entry to Yellowstone, just one block down the street.  , Canadian ()
5  This is one of the best hostels I've ever stayed at! Not only is this place clean, but it's comfy too. As an added bonus, this hostel is a historic landmark, meaning it's made out of logs and was originally built at the turn of the century. Legend has it that old time movie stars Gloria Swanson and Wallace Beery stayed here. If you come here take a look at the rooms and even the unique bathrooms. I guarantee you've never seen anything like this before! One of the things I liked most about this place was that after a long day of driving it was nice to be able to relax in the comfortable common room. This room is complete with a TV and Internet access ($5 an hour.) One of the nicest things about this place was having someone tidy up the rooms everyday, just like in the adjacent (non-historical) motel. The dorm rooms only have three beds, one bunk bed and one stand alone, and they even provide FREE shampoo and conditioner, like they do in the motel. I especially liked that the room had a double lock, which gave me an extra sense of security. Added to this, the people who run the place are genuinely nice and provide a welcoming atmosphere; no attitude here. Even the townspeople were friendly, not like I experienced in Jackson Hole. The Madison hostel offers complimentary hot chocolate, coffee, purified water and free ice from a machine. Best of all, this place doesn't attract the usual rowdies so you can get a good night's sleep. Lastly, the only rule here is NO SMOKING and that's only because it's a historic landmark. I only wish more hostels were run like this one.  ()
5  This is a great hostel. The dorm rooms are very comfy, and feel like home. They have full bedding and at least one of the beds in each room is not a bunk. They also have reading lamps and a sink in each room. The dorm rooms and the bathrooms were very clean, and the staff were friendly. Great place to stay.  ()
4  This place is clean and quiet. The dorm rooms are warm and comfy. The beds have homey bedspreads. I wished they had a kitchen though.  ()

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