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Bellavista Hostel

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Comentarios de los Visitantes de Hostelz.com
5   Perfect experience to my south american trip! It was very clean, I never had to wait to use the bathroom or anything in the kitchen. The first night was a bit loud because they were doing construction right across the street and the dumpster was under my window, but they were able to move me to a different room without a problem. I would suggest this place to anyone heading to Santiago, it really made my trip, I only booked one night here to try it out, but ended up staying four!  , Nashville USA ()
4   Great fun place This was the first place I stayed in S America so dirtiness of city was quite a shock. But in comparison to a lot of S American hostels it is relatively clean (kitchen a bit smelly/dirty) but it is made up for with great staff, fun atmosphere, cool people staying there. Two computers for free internet (have to wait a while), proper bathrooms to shower in (not just cubicles), free breakfast which is just bread and juice, which is the same everywhere in S America. TV games room. cool balcony upstairs with view over mountain. Washing facilities (have to pay) and close to nightlife. Would recommend for young travelers. Cold in winter but if you bring own sleeping bag is ok.  , Australia ()
5   Gorgeous, cosy colonial house I loved this place! the girls who work here are gorgeous and really friendly and are very helpful and most importantly a good laugh! we stayed here for seven days and the double room is really comfy and lovely balconies. it's worth the extra few pesos! great place!  , Northern ireland ()
5   Excellent location, very fun crowd! I've done a lot of traveling through Santiago, and I've stayed at this hostel three times, each time loved it! The staff is very friendly, helpful with directions, getting taxis, or giving ideas of things to do. I love the patio on the roof -- great for grilling out with the other travelers, enjoying the sunset, or having a nice tea in the morning.  , USA ()
4   Nice location, nice people, good experience All together I stayed three nights there. I must say that they provide the best of service within their limited resources. Best thing is the staff is extremely helpful and friendly. The overall environment is pleasant and friendly. Especially, if you sit at the terrace you can hear the birds and animals, even sometimes Lion (if you are lucky). That gives you a feeling of staying close to the nature, even if you are in the middle of the city. I will be back, trust me.  , Pakistan ()
4   Excellent Hostel -- Should be even better in the summer time I stayed at this hostel for nearly two weeks and was very happy with it. Breakfast is decent if a bit spare. The rooms are all very clean as are the showers (hot) and bathrooms. The people are very helpful as well. Best of all, I saw many complaints about how cold it is in the winter. It was true for us too but they are in the middle of installing a central heating system for all of the rooms. All and all an excellent hostel.  , USA ()
3  This hostel would have been great if it weren't for the immense cold. In winter the rooms get incredibly cold, we couldn't even read because our hands would get too icy! The hostels seems to have only one heater, which they use in the reception area. We know for a fact that there are many other hostels that provide heaters in the rooms. On the other hand, the staff is incredibly friendly and the hostel seems clean and is in a great neighbourhood.  ()
2  It was not very good -- dirty food and stinky staff. Don't go.  ()

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