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Halifax Backpacker's Hostel

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Comentarios de los Visitantes de Hostelz.com
3   Cheap and effective The place had what I needed from a hostel. Not much for frills if you're looking for hotel-lite, but the staff was friendly and the accommodations served their purpose, and it was located close to downtown.  , Canadian ()
5   Perfect! The Halifax Backpackers Hostel is simply the best place for all travelers and movers to start fresh in when arriving in Hali. I've lived here for almost 3 months now and have had nothing but good memories throughout my stay meeting new people each and everyday and living with good friends for other amounts of time. The owner Michelle is brilliant and also runs the cafe downstairs where you can grab a coffee or beer or whatever at any time of the day. The beds are good value for money.  , Australian ()
5   Beautiful I stayed at both hostels in Halifax, and Backpackers was by far the best. Actually, it was the best experience at a hostel I've ever had. In truth, it was home, and I can't say enough about the wonder people and staff that I met there. The hostel offers everything you need for a great price in the best part of town. A real place for real people.  , Canada ()
5   Exactly as advertised The place is ideal unless you really want to stick to the mainstream. It's inexpensive, but has everything you need (central location, clean bathroom and hot shower, good bed, good heating, wifi, computers) plus loads of touristic (or other) info and a cafe (daytime only) where you can buy a beer or nice inexpensive food (with veggie options). You also have at your disposal the stuff forgotten by other travelers (if you need a hair dryer or washing powder, just help yourself). They will also make arrangements if you can not make it within the reception hours.  , Belgian in Canada ()
1   The place is really dirty and loud the people there really smells bad, it is really dirty and small and loud. but I have to say the manager is a super guy, he was so kind to me and my parents, even moved his car for us when it was pouring rain out there and gave me good tips on newfoundland. he is the only good thing about this place, the rest is just crap.  , USA ()
1   Crap yard! This place is very dirty, the bath towels smell awful (I think they only put them in the dryer and if washed, they use no soap for sure), kitchen is really a mess. the floors are dirty. Other roommates do not respect people when you're sleeping, big noises, slam doors, talk loud. I stayed six nights, and on the fourth night, they gave my bed to someone else. Very bad management and disorganized. One night, the girl had to sleep on the dirty floor. Also, no A/C in rooms -- god it was hot in there. Anyway, guys, if you have extra money, go to a real hotel. this place of nightmares is over for me.  , Canada ()
5   Funky, Friendly, and Fantastic I have been traveling in hostels for over a year now and this is without a doubt one of the best I've been in. Sure, sometimes people snore in a dorm room and you might have to put up with some dishes in the sink every once in a while but show me a hostel where that doesn't happen! The place is the best value for money in town, the staff are amazing, and you never feel like you're just a job to them. The internet is free, the cafe is amazingly handy (great pad thai), and it's the perfect size -- big enough for a great cross-section of people while small enough not to feel like you're lost in a crowd of random travelers. If you're in Halifax, it's the only place to stay.  , Australia ()
4   Good value and so laid back I spent a week at the hostel in September this year when my cash flow stopped flowing. Long time since I last stayed in a hostel and at forty it did occur to me that it might be a trying experience. Need not have worried though as the place and the people were so laid back that I just slipped into the way of things there. Free internet was a huge bonus and although there was little space in the dorms, they were clean with plenty of towels and linen provided. The place is very well run with pleasant and knowledgeable staff. Neighbourhood looks a bit rundown but has real sense of community. So many people stopped to chat.  , UK ()

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