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Lake Trail Guesthouse Hostel

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The GuesthouseLounge
Double bedroomMt. Washington
Blue at Comox Lake

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Comentarios de los Visitantes de Hostelz.com
5   Life experience ... not a hostel! as soon as you walk in your not a guest but a part of the gang. instant acceptance no matter who you are or where your from. the place is kept pristine. clean rooms and bedding. well equipped kitchen. Bonnie the owner is a star and you will feel relaxed and welcomed. this is not only the best hostel i've seen but the best place i've ever stayed! campfire parties are a must!  , age 30, wales uk ()
5   Brilliant, fun place to stay I stayed at Laketrail last summer and had a really magical time there. Beautiful land close to river, great hiking. campfires. Friendly, comfortable and relaxing. Highly recommended.  , British ()
5   My favourite place on Vancouver island. Affordable and unpretentious. Forest, river, lake and mountains on your doorstep. Hiking and biking trails for every level. Swimming and fire pit -- fully equipped kitchen and friendly. I love it.  , Canada ()
4  Stayed here for Easter weekend. It's clean, the owner is super friendly, the dogs are great, and you meet very interesting people. For Easter, the owner hosted her neighbours, friends, and hostelers to a potluck dinner around the campfire. It was really nice and friendly. Apparently this happens often during the summer, and is something to look forward to. If you're skiing at the nearby mountains, this would be a great place to stay in the winter too.  , Canada ()
5  spent a few months in the summer of '03 kicking about this hostel, and of evereywhere ive stayed in the world, this is the best by a long way. cool owner, great people, lovely setting, bear dogs, fires, mountains, glacier, river lake etc. even bald eagles, who could ask for more.  ()
5  I visited this hostel in December 2002. There I actually celebrated new year's eve. Had a great time that night in the cozy little house of the owner with a small group of people from all over the world. And the hostel itself is just great. You get a real outdoors feeling spending the day at the Comox Lake International Hostel. Lots of beautiful hikes towards the nearby Comox Lake. I even had one of the hostel's dogs with me on a hike. It was just marvellous and I'm sure I will return some day.  ()
5  I've been visiting this hostel since 1999 and have stayed overnight many, many times over the past six years. It's a peaceful place to be away from the city and is within walking distance to the Puntledge River and Comox Lake. On a bicycle one can tour the Comox, Courtenay and Cumberland areas as well as use the wide variety of bike trails right behind the hostel which run along the riverside. There's a lovely small sandy beach (called Little Hawaii) a short walk along the path from the hostel. Mt. Washington offers winter sports and summer activities year round. There is indoor accommodation for singles, groups and even tenting on the grounds. The nightly campfires and cookouts are a highlight of the Comox Lake Hostel. So give them a call and get away from it all for a weekend or a few days during the week when you sometimes get a room all to yourself.  ()
5  Great hostel!! It is well run and there are lots of activities.  ()

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