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Sereana Backpacker

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Comentario especial de Hostelz.com: Sereana Backpacker is no longer listed in any of the hostel booking systems. There is a good chance they may have closed down. If you have any information about it, please let us know with the Formulario para actualización del listado.

For alternative options in Mana Island, see the Mana Island Albergues list.

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Comentarios de los Visitantes de Hostelz.com
1   Awful! Don't go there! We were 20 at one time and everyone left the island or went to its neighboor Ratu Kini, much better. This place is full of bed bugs, barking dogs and shouting kids. No one could sleep at night. The food is horrible, one day there was a meat that no one could find the name, dog probably. Another day, they offered me a plate that someone left. Everything is disgusting. It was my last place in Fiji and now I'm happy to quit Fiji, it had kept such an horrible souvenir. A such place has to close pretty soon.  , France ()
1   Terrible!!!!!!!!!! This is the worst place I have ever stayed in my life!!!!!!!! The place is such a dive!! I didn't have one meal the I enjoyed in this place and think every1 else there would agree! The staff weren't nice at all didn't even know their names and they didn't bother to get to know ours. The room which was meant to have a fan didn't and when asked the staff for one they said they had none. Only for the next morning a fan to turn up so they were just being lazy! This place has totally ruined our Fiji experience and wouldn't even recommend this place to my worst enemy!  , U.K ()

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