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Suncoast Backpackers Lodge

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Comentarios de los Visitantes de Hostelz.com
1   Dirty and dingy This is a horrible hostel! Its a working hostel so everything's so dirty, the kitchen is stuffed full of peoples stuff that doesnt even have basic things for communal use like oil, salt, and pepper, the bathrooms are leaky, and the mattresses are sunken in. The common area is just a narrow strip with picnic tables and kinda makes me claustrophobic. I just hate the atmosphere. Plus there's sh*t to do in Maroochydore. Its a sh*t town.  ()
5   Best working hostel in Oz! Definitely my home away from home.  ()
5   Great Memories!! My mate and I stayed in this place for about 5 months back in 2002. Was only meant to be a couple of weeks. Was absolutely fantastic! Pete and Di were the best! Even got Christmas cards from them for a few years after I left. I wonder where they are now. Maroochy ROCKS!!  , New Zealand ()
1   Before was excellent, but not now When Pete and Di were here, this hostel was the best in oz. However they no longer manage the hostel and the new boss is terrible. sexual harassment and keep backpackers staying day after day by lying there are always farm work.  ()
5  this is a place i could call my home. such a great hostel. with pete and di, the best hosts in the world. from pete telling you to f**k off to the beach if you want to make noise, to the friends i made there. i miss that place so much. i am happy to have spent five months there.  ()
5  Fantastic place, stayed here for two months in 2003. really enjoyed staying here, even working on the strawberry farm gave me some good memories. Would recommend to anyone without any hesitation.  ()
5  I stayed there nine weeks and i have to say its my favorite place and home in Oz! I just loved the vibe there and i met the best new friends! Its unbelievable -- a big family! Look at the walls of fame.  ()
5  Best hostel ever, we stayed here for two months and i made the best friends ever! Pete and di were amazing. We travelled for a year in 2003-2003 and this was the best hostel ever! i worked for the eight weeks on grisleys farm!  ()

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