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Hotel Gamla Stan

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Comentarios de los Visitantes de Hostelz.com
4   Best Hostel Good location, hostel is happening, there is lots of rooms and places to hang out. good kitchens and breakfast.  , age 27, Australia ()
5   Good budget option for expensive Sweden Really great location in beautiful Gamla Stan itself, looking onto the waterfront. Couldn't be better for sightseeing. Hostel was clean and well-maintained. Free breakfast was a real bonus. Possible to drop off luggage before 3pm check-in. Individual room had a chest of drawers and hooks, so somewhere to put your stuff. Not so keen on the toilet/shower room combination. Means the whole room is soaked if some genius doesn't use the shower curtain. But they got cleaned regularly so not too bad. Bring your own towel so you don't have to hire one.  , age 36, UK ()
4   Love it! The hostel is not far from Gamla Stan. Breakfast is basic and has fully equip kitchen and shower is good too. I walk around the hostel and has many alleyways and upstairs to your room. Luckily I'm not far from the main kitchen so it was good for me. You have a water view and pretty much close to everything, not too far but everything from here can be walking distance and all. Not very far from the palace that's for sure. There is one staff whom I believe faking his accent, he's a bit rude, bald and fat but apart from this I'm loving it. However, Stockholm didn't get my vote for my next visit for some reason though, but hey I could be wrong!  , Australia ()
3   Great or average, depending on your room. My first dorm was on an upper floor/ bright, airy, and spacious, with a big sun filled kitchen. Then halfway through my stay I was transferred to a dark, dank, cramped basement dungeon with a too crowded kitchen. This is like two hostels in one. Very cool of Hostel Old Town I must say!  , Canaduh ()
5   Excellent It was fantastic. Excellent location. The view outside the kitchen window was spectacular day and night. The whole place was clean. There were enough showers and toilets. The shower was one of the best of all the places I've stayed, hot and with very high pressure. The kitchen(s) was extremely well-equipped with lots of fridges, cookery and utensils. I also benefited from the free pasta. The breakfast was a bit too simple for me, but then at this price with sheets included, with the location it was in and with the facilities it offers, it's good enough that they provide any breakfast. They even offer free laundry which is unheard of!!! The staffs were also really helpful and helped me print out my documents.  , Thailand ()

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