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Simferopol a beautiful city with spacious parks and gardens, ideal as a central point for the Crimea. Plenty of busses to all towns on the Crimea cheap and very frequent.
What an amazing, beautiful city! In my opinion Kiew is the forgotten treasure in Europe. It's streets ooze dynamism, people are beautiful, architecture is breathtaking. On weekends they close the main street so it turns into a pedestrian street. Even the metro stations are imposing! Everything's very cheap so you can enjoy your stay there with no problems. Visiting Lavra Monastery is a must, but the whole city will captivate you at first sight. One negative point is that cleaning in the streets is conspicuous by its absence.
Kiew is great, but has nothing in common with Prague. It is very interesting, cheap, and safe, but I would not really call it beautiful except for the Orthodox churches. Those make it an Orthodox Rome and the monastery is superb. The city itself reminded me more of Moscow but smaller. English usually does not help -- there are very few tourists.
Kiew is a nice city. There is no info center in the city and no one can talk english in the city so the info at my hostel was a must.
Tschernowitz … Chernivts is a very nice place to go. Especially the centre is nice. There are a lot of cheap places to eat and drink.
Kiew … This city will soon surpass Prague as the cool new destination. Public transit only 10 cents U.S. Admission to museums and clubs is very cheap, and food is cheaper than central Europe. Folks are fairly polite, even lining up patiently for many buses. Lots of folks riding public transit, which is mildly crowded, but I did not have a sense of concern for pickpockets or personal safety here, ever. The main touristic areas are first rate, easy to access, and have a good variety of restaurants nearby.

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