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Normandy - Lower Hostels

Normandy - Lower

Normandy - Lower Kommentare

I was in Cherbourg a few years years ago, when the U.S.A. had just started bombing Iraq. I was cursed, sworn at, shouted at in French, sworn at behind my back in English, cheated by the Ferry -- 100 Euro to make a two-hour crossing to Pourtsmouth. I was going to spend some days there hiking, and enjoying France, but the one night in a hostel was enough. I left the next day for Portsmouth and when I landed, I got down on my knees, and I kissed the soil of England. Never was I ever happier to be off the continent. Cherbourg does have an excellent baguette shop however -- best baguettes I ever tasted. Cherbourg is a good city to pass on your way to anywhere else.
That cathedral in Bayeux is magnificent. Great arcitecture. By far the greatest cathedral in Europe.
Bayeux was awesome!
I loved Bayeux! It is a delightful town with a fascinating history. Definitely worth a visit!
Get a phone card. Or buy worldwide cell card. Pay phones don't take cash around Bayeux or at the Normandy beaches.
Cherbourg … I had an experience in Lyon at the time of the U.S. invasion, being sworn at for being American -- and I'm English. I still love France though, and remember that a few idiots don't make the entire country.

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