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Bregenz is an awsome city. I studied abroad at a program site in Bregenz and love the pace of the city, the friendly people, and lovely location. Situated between the foothills of the alps and the Bodensee (lake), you can't get a more beautiful location. There is much to see and it is easy to "slow down" and relax here, hiking, skiiing, zoo, boating, art museum, and other ....there is enough to stay busy. It is also a nice central location for other travels elsewhere in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland (being nestled between all three). I highly recommend a visit, especially if you need some time to slow down the pace.
Bregenz is a nice town, maybe a little more "Swiss" than people might be used to seeing in other parts of Austria. In other words: a nice place to live, a mediocre place to visit. While I did actually enjoy the city, it had more of a "modern metropolis" feel than a European feel. There are many great resturaunts and bars in the city though. The Mexican resturaunt called "Viva" is good, but a little expensive at about 20E a plate, and 7E for cocktails. The beachfront on Lake Constance is nice though, although you do have to pay for access to the "nice beaches". Otherwise you only get a dock to swim from.

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