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Timen's House

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2   Not so bad It is not so bad place to spent one or two nights! no more! It is hostel. Pretty good price, TV, and free internet. If you have a min budget trip this place is for you.  , Russian ()
1   I slept in the Kitchen on a futon I arrived there and the first thing that happened is i was led into a room that had four bed and a TV. i thought ok this is pretty good. then i was led around the corner and there was two beds in the Kitchen and guess what -- i slept on one of them. I now have had the experience of sleeping on a futon that i could not pull out mind out in a kitchen that held another bed as well. There was also no stove in the kitchen -- apparently therr is one in the boys dorm but the woman have no stove. there is a microwave, sink, and Stove either. Guests are expected to provide our own Toilet paper and also expected to clean the bathroom and all areas completely. There really is no common room as there are two beds in the Kitchen and the TV is in the other room with four beds. On the internet there is no mentions of two futons in the Kitchen at all. The Garbage was piled high and the owners do nothing to clean or maintain the premises if the floors need to be swept or mopped the guests must do so. No vacuum is supplied just a swiffer and a mop and a broom. If guests want to wash their dishes they must provide soap and towels as none of this is provided. The bathroom is filthy as is the kitchen and everyone must provide their own toilet paper. I was not aware before i checked in that i would have to have my own toilet paper and cleaning items. I was also not told that i would be sleeping on a futon that would not be put down if it was there would be no room for anyone to use the Kitchen. The Bathroom is in the back part of the Kitchen so in order to use it the other guests have to walk right by the bed i stayed in to use the kitchen and the bathroom. I realize the cost is only 15 but wow even for 15 i dont think i should have to supply my own toilet paper and liquid soap, especially if i'm only there for one night and also there was no stove for the woman and on the internet it says there is a stove. No common area for people to meet and hang out, no services, no brochures, or Metro schedules provided. The only thing that was true is free internet if you bring your own computer thats it. I think they need to either add a stove to the womans area or tell people on the internet that there is none and also i think its good to mention that there are two beds in the kitchen which i'm still flabbergasted.  , USA ()

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