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Patey's Place - Koa Wood Hale Inn

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5   Great place, clean, affordable I stayed in both the co-ed dorm and a private room. In the dorm, I was the only guy, and I snore, so I decided to upgrade the next night for the sake of my fellow travelers. The private room was awesome. Like a bedroom at home, with a queen size bed. The atmosphere of the place was wonderful, with folks from all sorts of places. Make no mistake, this is a hostel, not a hotel, so the people are wonderful and we all spent time together in the common areas. That's always been the appeal of hostels to me since traveling in Europe. This felt familiar, happy, and cozy.  , age 32, USA - CA ()
4   Cozy a lovely hammock i can relax and sleep in. The staffs are so friendly, you are always welcomed and feel nice there. I love the atmosphere. Time goes comfortably slow. This place is a must go.  , age 33, Japan ()
4   Clean, comfortable, kind hearted folks ... The peeps is what makes it happy and healthy. Everyone is considerate and caring, sharing, positive. The environment is clean and the geckos simply say hello, and then go on their merry way, as geckos are want to do. The furnishings are not luxurious, but hey, it's a hostel. Everything you could possibly need or want is within walking distance. Aloha abounds. Happy trails!  , age 39, USA ()
3   Fit the bill I just wanted a roof over my head at a low price for one night. Private room was essentially that -- just a bed and a door with a lock. No frills. Free Wi-Fi was a bonus (not least the 5-star resort I stayed at the next night charged $12 for Internet!). Friendly and welcoming staff. Decent location to explore Kona on foot. Had limited parking but wasn't an issue for me as I got a space. Didn't expect much, but it fit the bill for me.  ()
4   Good location and friendly staff The female dorm had a variety of nationalities and age range. I did not find bedbugs. I lock my bags due to no lockers. It was quiet at night. The staff was friendly and helpful. The location was near the beach and stores.  , age 64, USA ()
1   HORRIBLE THIS PLACE IS TRASH AND ITS MANAGEMENT REFLECTS THAT!!! all they do is smoke pot and try and maintain a dirty bedbug infested place to be as dirty as possible. The main guy is a drunk bum who just tries to hook up with anything that walks thru the door. Would not recommend this place to anyone, EVER. Completely disgusting and a poor poor poor place!!!  , age 25, Brazil ()
1   Terrible Absolute terrible experience here. The staff was not knowledgeable they messed up our reservation and told us to deal with it! BEDBUGS!! And the management doesn't care about it they just shrugged and said it happens -- on the phone they offered to upgrade us because we were suppose to come back and when we got there they said nothing could be done. I would never never stay here. I hope they get shut down.  , age 24, Canada ()
3   They stole our shoes, usb cords -- anything not locked down no security whatsoever. good location near shopping, walmart, enterprise. Wi-Fi great, room clean, shower was terrible. i thought i was going to fall through the tub bottom, do not leave your shoes outside. do not leave your stuff unattended.  , age 34, usa ()

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