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San Diego's Ocean Beach International Hostel

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Beautiful Art Deco
Peace Sign above the hostel
Kids helped paint it!

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Hostelz.com Gästekommentare
1   Sexual harrasment, inequality, horrible service, lied about pricing sexual harassment, inequality, horrible service, and lied about pricing.
Antwort der Unterkunft: Norbert, it looks like you've given a review of the pier or the beach - - hard for us to tell which one! We always like a good joke so keep it up and be sure inform us when you've change "countries". I guess someday, Hostelz's might require a traveler to actually stay in a hostel before they're allowed to write their "lost soul" rendition of life.  , age 29, DOWN NEWPORT ON DA PIER BE SMOKIN N SHIT PEACE N LOVE ()
2   Not so great! Me and my friend who are young backpackers did not enjoy this hostel! We were made to feel welcome by only the receptionists but the other residents who had clearly been there a few days before us had already made cliquey type groups and were not really willing to talk to us "outsiders". The cleanliness of the hostel was not great either as rooms were small, crowded and smelt and the toilets were disgusting as we even found certain things on the floor! Yes the hostel is cool for a surf crowd but the cliques have already been made so be warned!
Antwort der Unterkunft: Hi Nic and thanks for the review. I'm a little unclear on how with over 70 travelers staying in the hostel during your stay, that you felt the other "residents" were "cliquey type groups" and that you and your friend felt like "outsiders"? We never want anyone to feel like what you felt and that is one of the main reasons we don't charge for our free breakfasts, movie night, or our free dinners because we don't want anyone to have an excuse for not coming together with everyone else and having a good time. Give us specifics that we can change and we'll gladly do so but to say that because all 70 travelers arrived a "few days before us" and that is why you felt like "outsiders" isn't really too fair to us because we really do care and work hard at not making that happen. FYI The hostel is thoroughly cleaned daily and "cleanliness" has nothing to do with room size and rooms don't "smelt" because we have hard surfaced floors which don't contain odor. We have over 17 bathrooms in the hostel and they are cleaned daily and after that, on "as needed" basis. I'm not sure what was "found" on the floor of one of the bathrooms, but that's not really a fair judgement to say that because you found "certain things on the floor" that that one bathroom wouldn't have been cleaned as soon as it was reported to the office. Did you report it and it not get cleaned?  , age 22, England ()
5   Lots of rules but great staff and great location Great place.  ()
4   Great customer service, great location, average room quality Great customer service, great location, cool travelers from around the world, average room quality.  , US ()
5   The best hostel in San Diego! OB Hostel is far better than any other hostel I've ever been to! Everyone is very personable and friendly and they keep the place really clean! It's a very fun, relaxed environment and I felt comfortable and safe for the whole week I was there. Awesome place, amazing staff, great food, wonderful activities. No complaints! PERFECT HOSTEL!  , USA ()
5   Can't wait to go back I could not have asked for a better stay at OBI this last summer. The staff at the hostel were very friendly, very welcoming people and it only took a couple days before I felt as though I was a member of the OBI family. I had never stayed at a hostel before so I was weary about what the environment and maintenance would be like, but I was overall very impressed. My room could hold up to six people, but crowding was never a problem because there were never more than three of us booked in the room at the same time. Each room is thoroughly cleaned every day, the bathrooms are always maintained, and it always smelled clean inside because of how thorough the staff was. I loved how the staff encouraged everybody staying there to get to know each other, and had bonfires, barbeques, and other activities to get everybody involved. The hostel is just a short walk away from the beach and seconds away from great restaurants and shopping. My experience at the Ocean Beach International hostel was one that I will never forget. I made friends from all over the world that I still keep in contact with today. I bawled my eyes out when it was time to leave, and once I got to the airport,my friend and I decided that one more day in Ocean Beach wouldn't hurt. It really is so much more than just a place to stay while you're on vacation. I have every intention of going back to visit my family and friends at OBI as soon as possible.  , US ()
5   THE place in San Diego Really an awsome time here. the staff were good but really jason made everything fun all the time and matt boss new everything about everything. best hostel breakfast and so many other bonus things.  , Australia ()
4   Great mixture of SoCA friendliness and professionalism I stayed at OBI for two nights, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in living the character of Southern California. In addition to a great location (street is known by locals for having a few top fish taco places, plus the pier is close by), the staff is definitely committed to its guests. I lost my keys while in the area, and they did everything possible to help send them back home. You can't find a more genuine place for SoCA hospitality.  , US ()

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