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1   Warning! The guy who runs this place, Peter, is a volatile control freak and a threatening bully, every inch a sociopath when he doesn't have his way. He will target the elderly and anyone weaker than he is. He is gutless when it counts. Avoid this creep and the cheap outfit he runs.  , age 30, American ()
5   Awesome Best place to stay in Cairns! Always get a good night rest here. Clean, quite and now with new beds its even better. Nice place to crash.  , NewZealand ()
1   Very standard i stayed here i have been bitten by something it was bedbugs. i have a rash over my whole body. if i know now i would not stay there for your health.  , austraila ()
1   The worst hostel experience in my life Gecko's Backpackers is advertised to be "a quiet place", which means that it's not permitted to drink alcohol or party there after 10 pm. The quietness would work better with some kind of isolation; now the walls let every possible sound in, and as the house is old, someone walking around the corridors makes enough noise to wake you up. The big street just next to Gecko's is pretty noisy too. The lack of good air conditioning made at least me want to keep the window open all day and night long, and it was still almost too hot to sleep inside (in wintertime). The "free internet access 24 hours a day" turned out to be two cables for the whole hostel, and most of the time they're both taken. The receptionist/owner is a middle-aged talkative man from whom it's difficult to get your turn to speak. He's really eager and helpful with finding you something to do and booking tours -– probably because he gets 15 % of the price to himself. He's still kind enough to get you some discount, paid from his own part of the deal, which is pretty nice. After the third time I grew a bit fed up with listening to his praise to the great discount and his own kindness, which is included in the deal, but that's small. But there's another thing that's not small, at least not for me: if you go to Gecko's, prepare to be satisfied with everything you get. Otherwise the receptionist will blame you on "being negative" and use quite hard language to be heard from someone who actually takes your money. I was called "ridiculous" and "silly" because I was disappointed with the internet connection, and there was no way even to agree to disagree. He said that he wants to keep up good spirit and a positive atmosphere in Gecko's, which is a really nice idea. I just think that the best way to do that isn't shouting to everyone who's not positive enough and threaten them with throwing them out if they don't start to be satisfied right away. Something that Gekko's is, it's cheap. I'd still choose another place to go.  , Finland ()
5   A very enjoyable stay -- most relaxing Very clean and quiet hostel. Met some interesting fellow travelers and had a great last night with them around the pool and BBQ. I will be moving back through Cairns in six months and have already booked to stay here again. Its good for drinking the goon and it is possibly the greatest backpackers in the world!  , UK ()
5   A great place to stay in Cairns A quiet and very clean hostel. Great tropical garden with pool and BBQ area. I ended up staying an extra two nights.  , England ()
1   Owner was Sh*t I stayed two nights, the first was ok. just sat around the picnic table with a few people having drinks. the second night the owner came out and started screaming at us telling us that hes sick of coming out every night and telling people to shut up, so he turned the lights out. he singled out one employee and ended up making her cry, called her a whore in front of seven others and then effed off. The morning after i asked for a word with Peter (the owner) and said that it was kind of unprofessional to have acted the way he did, and he cut me off in mid sentence and said, "that it! grab your bags and get the f*** out of here!" next thing i knew he was threatening me telling me he would crack my head on the floor and then he would take me in his truck and i would never come back. completely ridiculous and rude to act that way to someone who is paying for accommodation. don't stay at Gecko's!  , Canada ()
3   Below Average Do Not Stay there! Ok so the actually building is ok. We had a double room and it was nice, good size, good bed. Facilities pretty sh*t, the kitchen is tiny for the size of the hostel and the TV area had two two-seater sofas, nowhere near big enough for the amount of people staying. The lady that owned it was so unhelpful! No lift from the bus station and when it was pouring with rain on the way back to the bus station she wouldnt give us a lift, not even nice about it, just no, we dont do lifts. Even though there was a van sitting outside. She also has long term, live in guests staying there who treat it as a home and take over everywhere, we felt we were invading their space and ended up staying in our room most of the time. never got to use the BBQ as it was surrounded by the live ins. They even asked us to go out christmas day. All in all a pretty sh*t experience, and would never stay there again.  , British ()
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