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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Asylum Cairns" at 149 Grafton Street.)


149 Grafton Street, Cairns, Queensland, Australien
-16.917819, 145.769629
+61 (7) 4031-1474, 1-800-065-464
+61 (7) 4031-8499
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The best Hostel in Cairns!
Amazing hostel, you are guaranteed have a serious amount of fun here. The only problem is that you wont want to leave! Whether traveling in a group or alone Asylum is the place for you! The atmosphere is just what you want, laid back, open and friendly. There's always something going on and things to do. And of course the infamous Mad Monday is fantastic! I highly recommend you stay here if you have the chance!
Cheap, dirty, loud, poor internet access
Relative price: Good -- One of the cheapest places in Cairns. Hygiene: Bad -- This is one of the filthiest hostels I have every stayed at. Extremely rundown and dirty almost everywhere. Beds: Average -- Thick mattress that felt worn out and did not smell very good. Staff: Below average -- They try hard to appear "easy going", but gave me more of an impression of not caring at all. Not well organized. Location: Average -- About a five minute walk to the Esplanade and about 15 minutes walk to downtown. This hostel sits right next to a major street with lots of traffic. Noise: Below average -- Lots of street noise, thin doors, many drunk, loud people at night. Internet: Wireless did not work when I visited (three nights). They charge for access, about $3 per hour. Terminals are older computers. Other: I would only recommend staying here if you are seriously strapped for cash and/or if you are an alcoholic or aspiring to become one. This place is filthy all around, it is worse than most hostels I have encountered in very poor countries in South America. I got the feeling that someone is trying to make as much money as possible with as little effort as possible.
This place was the best place i have ever stayed at! The Mad monday party was so damn MAD! I had heaps of fun! The staff are just great!! They love having fun and always help you!! Cant believe i was going to stay somewhere else!
  The Asylum is probably the best place ever. It is not a place for fussy people. You'll find everything you like from a social point of view but it is not a Hotel it's a hostel and that's what I loved. I was supposed to stay there for four or five days but finally stayed for a month. If you're looking for a place were friendships last forever, where the staff is really customer-oriented (means they'll do whatever it takes to make you feel at home), where you'll be yourself and others will like you just for that, then it is the right place for you. I remember those days and will never forget. Those were the best days of my life.
  We were here in November 2004 and stayed for three nights. It's easily one of the best hostels in Australia. Free internet, the legendary Monday Madness night that we will never forget, amazingly friendly staff that went out of their way to help even after we had checked out, and many other positives make this a place to visit whilst in Cairns. We were fortunate enough to stay in the vacant manager's room, with twin beds, our own little kitchen and bathroom. No one else staying at the Asylum had this so were dead lucky. I did see some of the dorms and they didn't look all that good -- a little dirty and cramped. Even our room was in need of a decent clean. That however is the only negative so would award it four and a half stars if I could.
Howling Mad
  Two words: Sh*t hole. I feel like I'm staying in a jail cell. Seriously, it's the worst place I've stayed! Pay a couple more dollars and stay somewhere else.
  Best hostel in Australia! Cheap, fun, friendly, and just a bit crazy. The staff are great, the place has a lot of atmosphere, and the Mad Monday pub crawls are legendary. Don't even think of staying somewhere else!
  All right, okay, I know it's late to write a review about this hostel because I stayed here from the end of June 2003 till September 2003. It's a good place if you want to have fun!! The bathrooms are not the cleanest but if you are wearing flip-flops it's okay. The staff are friendly and you can laugh with them!! So that's good!!! I heard a lot of rumors about bedbugs. Luckily I didn't had any problems with them, because I stayed in the famous ROOM NO. 4. The free meals at the Woolshed are okay, not the best. The best thing you can do is pop them up with a few dollars and you will have a better meal, better than cooking for the same price. So go to Asylum. And before I forget this, go to the 24-hour petrol station and get a nice cup of Vienna coffee. And if you are there late and you are a good customer and you buy croissants they will sometimes give you one extra for free.

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