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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Don Santiago Hostel" at Av. Ricardo Cumming 95.)


Av. Ricardo Cumming 95, Santiago de Chile (Santiago de Chile), Santiago Province, Chile
-33.443896, -70.667822
(56-2) 671 3082
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Very nice place to stay
I stayed here for a week, as I was looking for a room to rent in Santiago. Don Santiago is such a pleasant place to stay. Very good breakfast served at the table every morning, fast wifi available, great BBQs and pisco sour evening, clean toilets, and comfy mattresses. Stay here!!!
Age 25, Spain
Cool ambience, but not so great
Well, I will say that the staff is really friendly and helpful. That being said, the room was rather small and cramped. There were only 2 outlets, as far was I am aware, which was rather inconvenient. The upstairs bathroom was kinda dank, because the window was pretty much never open, so it just sort of held in the humidity ... It is possible to open it, but it is rather gigantic, and if it was opened, then everyone in all the buildings around there could see inside (which is likely why it is almost never open). There are plenty of restaurants nearby, and some shops. That being said, it is a little far from lots of touristy stuff. If you go to the Metro, which isn't far away, it is quite easy to get around, but the Metro doesn't run 24 hours -- it usually stops around 11pm.
Age 29, USA
Extremely pleasant
This was a super chill place to start my visit to Santiago, both because barrio Brasil is already pretty relaxed, and because of the vibes from the hostel staff. Breakfast was as delicious as I expected, with the added perk that I went to the local market when some of the fruit was being purchased, so I know how fresh it was! Also, perhaps most importantly, when my luggage did not arrive with me in Chile, Rodrigo was extremely helpful in calling the airline with/for me so that I wouldn't lose the bag because of my poor Spanish. All in all, a really nice place to stay.
I stayed here for three nights and it was an amazing place. The staff are super friendly and like to make you feel included. It's very cozy and comes with the best breakfast that I've had in South America. Also close to the metro which was a big plus. I LOVE this place and just had so much fun.
Loved Jamming sessions!!!
Best staff ever!!!! If you are looking for a party hostel, this is not your place. I personally try to avoid those hostels at all cost. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a super laid back atmosphere where everyone know everyone else, pisco sours abound, and EVERYONE is invited to the jam session in the music room (yeah! its got its own music room, how friggin cool is that!!) then Don Santiago is the place for you. Pato makes the best Pisco Sours in Chile by the way, Victor makes the best Pebre I have ever had, Lucy is the cutest hamster on the planet (she has her own facebook page for goodness sakes) and Don Santiago Hostel is the best hostel in South America. Period.
Ty Hardin
Lovely house -- super nice staff
I just left Don Santiago after staying for 5 days. I was sad to leave. It's not a party hostel, so you will be able to sleep here. loved the art deco on the walls. RECOMMEND IT!
Great hostel! So so much fun -- the staff were so welcoming and fun to chill with. In a cool part of Santiago, easily accessible from the bus station, subway. Lots of yummy restaurants nearby. The free breakfasts were delicious -- eggs, toast, fruit, tea, coffee, all you need! Not to mention we had dance parties every night before we went out. I would stay here again!
The Worst Hostel I have ever stayed in
I have read that people believe the Don Santiago staff are friendly, but I found out that the friendliness is not genuine. I had a reservation the this hostel, and I arrived at about 6:30 p.m. in the morning, because I had caught an overnight bus to Santiago. The man who opened the door told me that check in was at 11 a.m. I asked him if it was ok for me to sit in the lobby and wait until then, and instead of saying anything he just rudely pointed at a couch in a darkened room, next to where he had been sleeping, then went back to sleep. He even ignored me when I asked if I could use a toilet. Then when I asked if I could use the showers, not feeling like sitting in the dark for hours, he told me to get out! I think that at the Don Santiago Hostel, the friendliness I had heard about doesn't extend to actual care or interest in backpackers. It shouldn't call itself a hostel. Stay well away!
Holly H

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