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Montpellier Travel Tips & Suggestions

I liked Montpellier because the people there are very welcoming, friendly, and nice. Everyone has his own proper style. The thing I liked the most is walking in the streets -- plenty of people, with musicians playing French songs with their guitars. And I also liked the hippies who were always walking with their dogs! It was a great experience! — Anonymous
The people were very nice. We were stuck in the train station, because there were no more trains to Paris. — Anonymous
I thought it was a beautiful and friendly place, with lots to see and hundreds of bars and restaurants to go to. — Anonymous
Montpellier is as safe as any other city. — Marc
Montpellier is awesome -- great nights out with a vibrant student life! — Anonymous
Montpellier's people are the worst people I've ever met. Cross my heart. — Anonymous
It's full of hot, French, hippie guys up for some French kissing. — Anonymous
I lived in Montpellier for a year and spent holidays there several times. I love it. It's a little rough around the edges, but all in all, very beautiful. — Marie
Montpellier is an ideally located and beautiful town. Unfortunately, I had more problems in five-months living there than I've had in years of traveling (mostly in the U.S., Caribbean. and Mexico, but also through much of Europe). I broke my hand defending myself and a girl who was being assaulted by a group of young men. I also had two incidents of people throwing bottles at us because we spoke English -- one said he was going to kill us and smashed in the window of our house with his fist. We called the police, they arrived two hours later and told us that if the guy came back we could "kill him" for all he cared (since there was five of us and because he was Palestinian -- there was a lot of open racism by the police there). Needless to say most experiences aren't like this and my study abroad program put me in a very shady part of town. I also refused to quit the nightlife like the other people who lived with me so I became somewhat of a target for the local riff-raff that sat on the corner near my apartment. I'm still very glad I lived there. Montpellier made me a much tougher person and taught me things that I couldn't have learned in a safer environment. — Anonymous
I´ve been in Montpellier for about 2 months and I love it. It's not as touristy as other towns in southern France, but it's still beautiful! Wander around the Comdie, go shopping, have some crepes, and party at night with friendly people. What more could you want? — Anonymous
Dog poo is everywhere throughout France. Deal with it. — Anonymous
We visited Montpellier for 3 weeks in the Summer. It is a fantastic city with brilliant architecture. My children have asked to visit again, which we will do in October. We had no problems, and didn't notice any dogs' muck. — Phil Medlow
I lived in Montpellier for a summer and found it pretty dangerous and the dog droppings are everywhere! Wouldn't really recommend it for a long stay but if you're in town for the afternoon, the shopping and siteseeing is pleasant. The beach is a nice destination for an afternoon as well. — Anonymous
Montpellier is like an international student town. That's why it's so young, and old for its monuments and buildings. You must pay attention to the dogshit... it's everywhere!! In cyber-cafes you must be careful of your belongings. And those shady characters are the kings of the city on Sundays!! The bars are close on 1 AM in the city center, but there are the special buses to after parties out of town. These are the great clubs with entrance fees (generally 10€ including 1 free drink) and there are after after parties on the beach. Enjoy! — Anonymous
I found that Montpellier was quite disgusting, a terrible place to holiday. — Anonymous
Montpellier has a few rather shady characters especially once it gets dark, but a really lovely town. Very relaxed and pleasant. — Anonymous
This is the kind of town where you want to keep a close eye on your pack when your walking around or in the hostel, and it's best to not wander off on your own if you go out at night. It's a nice place, but it does have a bit of a petty theft problem at times. — Anonymous

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