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The Cadillac Hotel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
3  My room had bedbugs, too. The desk guy who looks like Dave Mathews is very rude, but the one who is English is very nice. There was a skanky used condom in front of the sauna, which stayed there the whole time I was there. I left three days early and was not given a refund. The lobby and lounge is very nice. The beach is outside the door and is great. Bring your own bedding. It's not bad for 22 bucks.  ()
5  Absolutely great.  ()
2  It is true that this is not a hotel, but I knew that before checking in. It is a little rundown (especially the basement) but I didn't experience any bug bites. It is also really hard to find. You have to get there via an alleyway. However, it is located right on Venice beach and the rooftop access gives you a good view of the ocean.  ()
3  I recently stayed at the Cadillac Hotel. Honestly, I had no problems with bedbugs or anything like that. The staff were great and very helpful and the location is fantastic. I did have a safe in the room and a cable TV, and my walls definitely weren't made of paper! The manager, Edward Hilton, is not here. After reading some of the reviews I was little afraid of staying here, but when I got here Edward Hilton was no longer working here. Maybe that's why I didn't get any rudeness.  ()
1  A friend and I stayed in this hotel and we were attacked by bedbugs all night. We awoke to red marks all over our bodies. What a nightmare. A week later I'm still itchy.  ()
5  The hotel is much better. The new management is making the needed changes. FINALLY!  ()
1  I stayed at this hotel recently. I have a couple of comments: 1. It is not a hotel. It is a glorified hostel. 2. The staff were extremely rude. 3. The place smelled — so did my clothes etc when I left. 4. I had bedbugs as well. 5. The walls are paper-thin. I heard a full telephone conversation next door. This place was recommended by Lonely Planet. I have forwarded them my comments also.  ()
1  There is NO cable television (there wasn't even a TV!!!). The description says there are direct dial telephones and an electronic in-room safe in every room. That is a downright lie!  ()

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