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Hotel Kangaroo

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
3   Regular room Excellent customer service, simple room, high rate!!  , age 24, Costarricense ()
1   Evacuation from the room! Imagine coming back from a day trip, finding all your belongings outside your room. It's not a joke, it's a true story of what they did to us in hotel kangaroo. They 'forgot' to tell us that our room is booked and we need to check out. When we got back at 18:30 pm we found out that there are people in our room and they took all of our stuff out! Our iphones, passports, cash, clothes, food, shampoo -- everything piled in a mess!! Unprofessional, undignified, i believe it's even a felony. I hope you will make the right decision and stay away from this place, which obviously don't know how to run a business.  , island ()
3   I wonder why there's a "Se vende" for this place. The hostel was ok. I have no idea what the private rooms look like, but the dorm rooms have peeling walls, dim lights, and mold. It made me reluctant to sleep facing the wall cause who knows what you're probably inhaling. There are no locks to the dorm doors. The staff was always friendly and helpful. When you asked for help or advice on things they were always up to help, but the atmosphere there also makes them a bit too lax cause no one was ever at the front desk or even in the kitchen if you wanted to order food. Its a nice place for its location since it's away from the main drag of things and just around the corner from the beach. While I was there, though there was an incident where the staff drank someone's bottle of vodka and other people stealing food and beer from the fridge. Other than that, its good for its price ($12 -- you get what you pay for), but honestly I've been hostels at the price that probably don't violate as many health codes.  , USA ()
3   Chill atmosphere I stayed at Hotel Kangaroo last January (2007). The owners had great personality, but our room NEVER got cleaned! The garbage in the bathroom actually had a whole colony of ants living in it after the second night. My sheets were pretty gross, too! I hated how far away it was from the centre of Jaco, being a girl its kinda dangerous to walk at night and the accumulating cab fares also stunk! So make what you will of this place. Remember, you always have to make a little sacrifice.  , USA ()
4   Overall good I was in Kangaroo for one night -- what this hostel lacks in location it more than makes up for in cuteness, very friendly staff, and excellent food. The rooms were clean, the water was warm, and the beach was only about five blocks away.  , USA ()
5  This hotel is great! i have been there like four times and i never get tired of it. it is really amazing, all the relaxing ambience they have there. i really recommend it! if you want to make some friends and have a lot of fun go to kangaroo!  ()
5  the place was great. we loved it, it's outside of town so it's quiet in the morning, the decoration is just great! and the staff is so funny.  ()

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