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Chinggis Tourist Budget Camp

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Imagine a vacation with fresh air, plenty of exercise, open vistas and good meals.
"Chinggis" Tourist Traditional Camp is fully equipped with electricity (voltaje: 220V), hot showers, western style toilets, and running water.
Water Supply by 50m deep artificial well.
Accommodation services: There are 12 gers at the camp: 5 Gers - 2 beds in each ger, 7 Gers - 3 beds in each ger.
Restaurant services: Restaurant for 60 people. Food - European, Latin American, Mongolian and Asian on choice. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.
Car Parking available.
Daily airport or train station Pick Up.
Bonfire with traditional Mongolian meal (khorkhog), which is mutton cooked with hot rock and with vegetables, water, potatoes, and onion can be made by the request of the guests.
Credit Cards Accepted only in Ulaanbaatar city.
Mobile phone available.
Renting traditional Mongolian clothes for photos.
Special programme for small groups more than 10 tourists o more participants is the Mini-Naadam Festival of horse racing with some local children (from the 4 to 10 years old), wrestling and archery + Evening National Performers (concert which includes the Tsam dance, traditional Mongolian singers, dancers, Tuvan throat singing and contortionists.
Special programme is Mongolian tent house construction show can be made by the request of the guests.
We provide Russian-style saddles which are very comfortable over long distances. Horses: Mongolian with local guide.
Horse-riding facilities.
Horseback riding Adventure Vacation or Hiking through the vast Sacred Tuul river Nomad's Valley to Terelj National Park towards to Gunjiin or Manchurian Princess Temple-a beautiful small place full of history in Khentii National Park. We will teach you the basics and help you as much as you need. Our outdoor horseback riding adventures are for riders & or non-riders. No experience is necessary.
Help prepare meals and learn about Mongolian food.
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4   A lovely experience Thank you for providing such a lovely experience. It is fabulous to see and live at the Chinggis ger camp. Mongolia is a beautiful place punctuated by your very kind hospitality. I am so grateful for this experience and will recommend this to anyone coming to his part of the world.  , age 55, Spain ()

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