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Dahab Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Dishonest, didn't honor booking or prices listed on websites. They were not honest about the price. They will take your reservation on the phone only to tell you when you get there at the room you booked is not available. Then you will have to pay for a room that cost twice the price. They make you pay in advance or won't hold your room. They reuse the sheets and blankets. Lots of flies. No Towels. This hostel was taken out of the guidebook this year for a reason.  , Canada ()
5   Swell -- It's Egyptian I think that Dahab is a decent place. It is far from perfect -- not 100% clean or modern or whatever. The location is amazing as is the rooftop. I could stay there forever.  , USA ()
1   Scary, very scary I stayed here back in March 2002. I didn't mind the location -- very good position. I didn't even mind climbing all those stairs to get to the rooftop -- a bit of exercise is great. What I did mind was the men loitering around the toilets at night. The toilets were filthy -- there was so much built-up muck below the waterline that the toilets barely flushed. They also spent a lot of time sleeping on the lounge near the reception counter. When my brother arrived here a few days before me, the guys at the reception desk were very excited and seemed to go out of their way to rip him off. He learnt a lot on this trip! When I arrived, they hassled my brother into asking me to buy them alcohol duty-free. My tip -- don't climb the stairs. My only hope is that the past 5 years have improved the place somewhat.  , Australia ()
2  The hostel rooms are quite small and dirty as is the roof area, which is covered in dirt, dust, and broken furniture. There are two computers in the internet room, only one worked when I was there. There are no longer any sheeshas available and the seating areas are not particularly comfortable. The hostel could be amazing if they made the roof top nice, lights in the plants, cushions, tent type coverings and sheeshas, but instead it is just a mess of dust and dirt. As with all hostels though, its the people that make it, the staff are all good, and the travelers I found there where all good fun too! Also this is Egypt, so it's not going to be the Ritz for only 25 Egyptian pounds a night.  , England ()
3  Everything about the place was great exept for the endless smell of cat piss on the beds.  ()
5  It's like an oasis in that huge crowded strange city of Cairo!  ()
5  This place is wonderful!! Totally laid-back atmosphere, chilled out and cozy. The staff are super friendly. A perfect place to meet people is the garden area in the evening. The room was very clean (en suite). Excellent location. We had a lot of fun there !  ()
4  It's not especially clean but the atmosphere is wonderful and the staff very nice. A good place for meeting lots of people and living in the heart of Cairo.  ()

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