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Haus Kernstock

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1   Poor On arrival the owner was not present at the house. luckily a resident provided us with entrance. We met the owner's son, who showed us to our room. The room was basic with an enclosed en-suite there was a strong odour of toilet waste, which we presumed came from the waste shredder situated behind the toilet pan, a small fan operated when the light was switched on. We suffered sleep deprivation due to a large lorry/transport depot across the road from the B and B working during the night, if the window was opened noise would increase, if closed a stuffy atmosphere and smell of toilet. At breakfast the meal was meager, true to say three types of bread were put under your nose then having selected a slice, the bread container was quickly taken away, a slice of butter was put on your plate. Honey and jam was on the table, wafer thin ham and cheese (one type only) was fingered and pulled apart by the owner, put on a plate, and presented to us at the table. I do not like tea or coffee and having explained this to the owner she advised me there was nothing else to offer. Breakfast was supervised at all times by the owner. this was an intimidating experience. To have a more substantial breakfast and choice on our second morning we elected to eat out. On leaving this establishment I explained my disappointment to the owner and stated that her charges did not reflect the service being received. I also made the owner aware that I would write a report on the internet. In conclusion we feel that the advertising of House Kernstock does not reflect reality. This was a very special occasion for my partner and myself and we feel let down by the poor service.  , British ()
2  This bed and breakfast was a bit costly for our family of five. We got two rooms here but the first night we arrived we were told that one of our rooms had been rented out accidentally by her son. She did make arrangements for us to stay at another bed and breakfast about ten minutes away. It was actually nicer than hers and had a better breakfast! The next day we all stayed at the Kernstock house and continued there for a total of three more nights. In this time we were never given new towels and at times our beds were not made up either. Breakfast was very minamalistic -- toast, black coffee or tea, some meat, and cheese as well as jam. You also had to ask her for more helpings as she holds back the food. She also tries to get you out of the breakfast room as there is not enough room for everyone who stays there to eat at once. She only has room for six people at breakfast but can easily sleep well over six in her establishment. I also did not like how when you flushed the toilet the shower bubbled up like as if it was backing up into the shower. The location of the Kernstock house is pretty bad too you are way out there not at all in town. It's quite a trip on the bus and a walk. But I think the final blow was that she demanded cash for payment which for us with a family of five was over four hundred dollars! She said the credit card machine was broke. I think she broke it herself! I personally will never return to the Kernstock house and would highly recomend anyone else to avoid it like the plague!  ()

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