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Casa Pampa

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Casa Pampa is your beach house, just a few steps away from the warm Pacific Ocean at Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

You will find yourself comfortable and relaxed in a welcoming atmosphere, surrounded by a beautiful organic garden next to the ecological paradise of Cabo Blanco National Park.

At the southern tip of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula the area offers magnificent jungle, and mountain views and one of the most beautiful beaches in the World. It is perfect for beginners and experience surfers and a legendary hot spot for sport fishing.

At Casa Pampa you will find a great place to spend your vacations among nature and your beloved ones. Our goal is to provide a fun and eco friendly vacation time with a personalized professional service.
Hope to have you on our tropical paradise at Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Pura Vida !!
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Little privacy -- all our valuables stolen From the moment we arrived we noticed there was little privacy in our place. A large kitchen window provided a direct view from reception to our bathroom/shower (they eventually put curtains up after we asked that kind of helped). The main bedroom window is also pretty open and a few times we woke up to people right outside that could easily see into our bedroom and had to scramble to cover up. Also, although it seemed like he was just hard at work, the manager was in our room more times then any other place we had stayed at. Fixing things, checking up on us. I know they were just getting set up for high season but it just didn't feel like we had much privacy ... Then we had a "break in." 2 computers, iPad, personal safe that was hidden, and a camera stolen while we were at a dinner reservation for a few hours, and it seemed like whoever did it knew exactly what we owned and where it was hidden. It was made to look like a break-in, but even the police agreed that the only way in was with a key and the rest was staged. Our passports somehow turned up a day later, but everything else was lost. The manager didn't charge us for the stay, but we would have paid 10x the amount for a secure place and to not lose all of our stuff. At a minimum locks need to be changed and someone has to really take control over who has access. Something felt very "off" with the whole situation and break in. Definitely not the typical robbery you hear about in Costa Rica ... Be cautious and trust your own instincts with the vibe.  , age 35, USA ()

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