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Jiuzhaigou Hostel C

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1   Stay somewhere else After hiking many hours in the park, I returned to the hostel with sore muscles looking to relax in my room only to discover that there was no electricity or hot water. Upon checking in the previous day, I noticed a sign indicating that they only have hot water after 6:00 so I was prepared to wait to take a shower until then (even though nothing was noted on their website or booking.com about this when I made the reservation). When I inquired about the electricity at the front desk, I was told that it was a maintenance issue and that it would work by 6:00. The lobby and front desk had power, so I wasn't quite sure why the rooms didn't have power. Their English skills were poor and I spent the better part of an hour using google translator to try to communicate with them. After returning from dinner at 8:00, I was told that they got the lights to work in the room but they still weren't working in the bathroom. They gave us a flashlight to use. They offered us a free breakfast as well as a free ride to the bus station to compensate us. Read my comments below about breakfast and the bus station was a 5-minute ride away from the hostel. A few other things. They charge 4 RMB for the shuttle to the park. We were 3 people so we paid 12 RMB. The next day we slept in and took a taxi for 10 RMB. I think they could have told us that it would be cheaper to take a taxi rather than wait around for their shuttle. The shower didn't drain well so the entire bathroom floor stayed wet all night. They had a western breakfast menu but it was unavailable. The breakfast was watery porridge, a hard boiled egg, and soggy bread. I inquired about take away sandwiches so we could take them to the park and was told it wouldn't be a problem. When I tried to order them the next day, they said they couldn't make them (we asked for a cheese sandwich), and was told to go to KFC if we wanted western food. No other food items were available for take away. The table where the food is served is not washed, only the crumbs were removed. It was filthy. Wifi is available in the rooms, but it is extremely slow. Next time, I'll stay somewhere else.  , age 58, USA ()

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