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Hotel Astoria

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2   Beware -- cockroaches! The best bit about this "hotel" was the location -- quite a trek from the train station, but very close to all the main attractions and the main square. When we arrived in the morning after an overnight train we were told abruptly that we were unable to check in until 2pm. Luckily we were allowed to use a toilet (without any toilet role in it), but we had to leave our luggage in the luggage cupboard which had no lock and could have been accessed by anyone at anytime so it was not particularly safe. The bedroom was falling apart with towel rails coming off the wall and the shower not fully attached. A cockroach came up from behind the loose bedhead and when we complained at reception we were given some bug spray and told to close the windows. It would have been nice to have been warned in advance that we needed to shut the windows (they were even open when we arrived in the room!). The breakfast was also a rip off -- yogurts and stale cereal.  , age 20, England ()
1   Shabby, dark, dirty, noisy This hotel has 2 stars only, so I did not expect luxury accommodations. But what we found was worse than I imagined. The first thing you see is the carpeting on the stairs that is worn through, in taters, absence of any kind of open space that could serve as a lobby, and piles of bags of dirty laundry in the hallway. It does not get any better inside the room. A single naked lightbulb on the ceiling, no shelves to put your clothes, worn down, shabby and dirty walls and furniture, the bathroom pretty much disgusting, the bathroom door does not close, and so on. If you want be intimate and put two bodies in close proximity the bed comes apart revealing a filthy mattress that does not even have a mattress cover: just a thin sheet covering it. And if your room happens to face the street (most rooms do) forget about sleeping until midnight, when the restaurant downstairs closes for the night. Even the rolls served for breakfast were stale: you have to try to accomplish it in Italy! For $125/night in mid September, this is a lousy deal. You are much better off adding another 25 per night and going to one of much nicer hotels nearby.  , USA ()
5   Hidden gem, great location, great rate! This was my first trip to Venice so I had no idea what to expect as far as my hotel. The location right off Piazza San Marco was fantastic. Less than a 5 minute walk to the water (Canal Grande) and very close to all the shopping you could ever want. Rates skyrocket around San Marco but I was able to secure a rate of 30 something Euros per night. Keeping in mind I was in a 4 person mixed gender dorm with bathroom and shower ensuite. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the entire room to myself purely because either no one knows about this place or no one had booked in. The room was cleaned every day and the staff was very friendly and helpful when it came to recommendations. The next time I go back I will be staying at Hotel Astoria!  , United States ()
5  Great little hotel right in the centre of the action in Venice! Super close to San Marco -- but a decent walk or ferry ride from the train station. We stayed here in August 2006 (would not recommend Venice in the height of summer holidays, however -- it was packed!). This place had friendly service, clean rooms, and a good breakfast included. Highly recommended!  ()
5  Okay, this is the first hotel in Italy that I was able to have a hot shower, so of course it was my favorite! I really liked this hotel. I was a student travelling so I wasn't expecting anything special when I booked, but this was more than I expected. I really loved it and the location was magical! Salvatore, what a legend!!!  ()
4  Good location; the rooms were very clean, but not the most spacious. The free breakfast was your typical continental breakfast. The manager was great and very helpful.  ()
4  We had a double with ensuite bathroom. It was quite comfortable and perfect for visiting as it was so close to St. Marc Square, and located on a really nice little street next to shops, etc. The staff were really nice and quite understanding--they kept our bags for a whole day when we checked out! The best things were its location and its cleanliness!  ()
3  The location of this hotel is great for almost everything, although it can get a little noisy at times. The staff is friendly and accommodating. I had a single room with a private bathroom, which was simple but very clean. This place can be difficult to find if you don't know the area, so look it up first.  ()
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