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Camping Jungfrau Holiday Park

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4   Ok for the price The beds are comfy and cabins stay warm. Wi-Fi is very spotty and they are stingy with the codes, but it gets the job done. Overall, nice but be prepared for camping, not hostel. Showers and toilets are a good walk away.  , USA ()
5   Location, location, location We were a little nervous when we booked. Even though reviews were good, the name of the place referred to camping ground. Our worries were quickly allayed because when we arrived it could have been a dump and the spectacular location would have made the trip worthwhile. But better still, the units were small but clean and functional and the staff were polite and very helpful. For caravaners I have not seen a more functional layout. It is all here. Because of its proximity to most of the local attractions, which are the mountains and the falls, and their is access for transport to shuttle you around, you can unhitch and relax. All up a great facility in a fantastic location.  , age 57, Australian ()
5   Absolutely beautiful any time of the year. I was in Europe for three weeks (Paris, Germany, Prague) and I fell in love with this place. We stayed in late December when there was lots of snow on the ground. We actually stayed in the hostel and it is extremely clean and warm. Such a cute and quaint place! Switzerland is expensive so this place is easy on the wallet. The train/lift up the mountain was pricey, especially the "top of the "world" spot (Schilthorn - Piz Gloria), it cost $100 alone. Make sure you take a stroll at night. I've never known the night sky could look so beautiful. We took the train to Wegan and then a gondola to the next upper level. Amazing!  , USA ()
5   Will definitely visit again -- almost everything I could want There's a great bar that they don't tell you about. Follow the throngs from Contiki across the footbridge. If you have a tent, it's really cheap to stay and you're right by the lodge and showers. Good market with reasonable prices. Free WiFi that works almost half the time. Good enough for skype when it's on. Amazing location -- this is my third time back. Take the cheap trip up to Murren for incredible sights, and the luxurious Hotel Eiger across from the train station has great food and cheap wifi.  , California ()
5   Beautiful, most enjoyable I was very excited about my visit to the pristine and picturesque land of Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen. My stay was made most enjoyable while staying at the beautiful Camping Jungfrau situated in a valley between the rugged mountains in the small town of Lauterbrunnen. I remember waking up one morning and strolling around the grounds and looking at the sun lining the mountains in gold. It is a truly poetic and awe inspiring place. The hostel has a variety of sleeping arrangement from 4 person dorms in small cabins to a lodge type setting. At their friendly reception you can book many different activities and they are happy to help with suggestions. They have many facilities, laundry, internet, Photo CD burning, kitchen and even an on site shop and grocery store. The only down side is that you have to pay for everything, even the power to run the stoves. But you can look at this as a positive thing also, by charging for the facilities it keeps the "per nigh" cost down and if you decide to wait for internet, washing and hot cooking until your next stop then you'll be a-okay. The kitchen and lounge area closes relatively early I believe 10pm if I remember correctly. But if you are lucky enough to have a laptop with you then I believe the WIFI is free and accessible within a large radius. Tip: If cooking, get a group together and share the costs of the stove, or pay for the minutes you get and then take turns e.g. someone first few mins to boil an egg, the next person the next few an so on. Or if someone doesn't use all their time jump on their stove element when they're done. But who needs to cook when you have a fully serviced restaurant and bar onsite. Choose from a good selection of Swiss treats or your favorite restaurant fries and burgers. The prices are reasonable and the food is great. Don't let your friend offer some of his, or you'll end up emptying his plate. Another great thing Camping Jungfrau has to offer is the Bomb Shelter. This is their very own onsite night club. To be honest there's not a much nightlife scene in Lauterbrunnen so this club is A. Convenient and B. A great, free, way to party through the night with your mates. Just save some energy to enjoy the amazing mountains, adventure sports and activities, walks, hikes etc that Switzerland has to offer. The grounds are very clean, kept this way by their great bunch of helpful and friendly staff. The bathrooms are lovely and warm and could almost be a cosy meeting place once the lounge closes at night. The showers are so, so. I found them hot enough though a few others complained about them. Trust me after walking for hours through the Swiss mountains any warm/hot shower is much appreciated. The Showers are free and you just need to keep pressing the button to keep the water flowing after 1 or 2 mins. Just one more important thing to know about Camping Jungfrau and Switzerland is come prepared for the cold. In the sun its ok but at night many people did not have sufficient warm clothes or sleeping bags and found it a bit tough. There is only so much warmth a heater can give you. If I may share one last general word of traveling wisdom... Always look for the positives in every situation while traveling, that way you'll enjoy everything far more and your experiences will be rich and fulfilling.  , New Zealand ()
2  I expected a building to stay in but got a cold wooden box out in the cold with the showers 200 meters away. The beds were uncomfortable, and the mattresses were bumpy. We couldn't stay for more than a night and checked out first thing in the morning. They didn't adjust/refund our advance. Advice: Please go only if you wish to camp on the cold grounds and don't wish to feel cozy. Oh, did I tell you — Camping Jungfrau is at the end of the road and getting there takes almost 15 to 20 minutes uphill with luggage if you have any!! Avoid if you can.  ()
4  This place has the most beautiful scenery anywhere! There's lots of hiking and cable cars to do in the area. There's biking everywhere. Everything is very expensive in the area. There are too many rowdy people who wreck the peacefulness of the area. It's a party campground.  ()
5  This place was pretty damn good. I had a cozy, clean and new cabin, which I only had to share with one person, making it very secure. The place had great facilities, including a common room, great galley-style kitchen and dining room, a well-stocked and reasonably priced mini-market, and a restaurant and bar. They sold tickets to all the areas, walks, and train and cable car trips. The only bad bit was the push-button showers. (You had to push the button every five seconds! Come on, you could give us ten seconds at least.) The Bombshelter bar is classically Aussie, very dingy but top fun, especially during Busabout and Contiki tour season, and the shots and cocktails are lethal. Just don't get too hungover because you need an early start to go up either Jungfrau or Schilthorn. Those trips are well worth the money; try and do them on a clear morning to really make the most of it. The views are totally breathtaking, and mountainside villages like Murren are truly Swiss. The town is really cool as well. Try some local dried meat at the butcher's! And if you hire a mountain bike and ride down the valley to Interlaken, be smart and train it back with the bike, unless you're a triathlete (which I wasn't). This is a beautiful place to experience Switzerland, and it's a top, well-run campsite. I will be back!  ()

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