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FIT Youth Hotel

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Hostelz.com's Review
When we discovered our regular hostel in Columbus Circle is now closed, we ended up at Jazz on Amsterdam Avenue. Visitors to the city who are on a budget are left with a smaller selection of accommodations due to a crackdown on unlicensed hostels in New York City, brought on by pressure from the established lodging industry and a general lack of oversight within the hostel community.

The Location

The hostel is situated on NYC’s fashionable Upper West Side, a very short walk from the MTA’s 1 line, which will provide you with quick access to Times Square and Penn Station, and one transfer away from most other stops in the city, as well as JFK and Grand Central Station. Central Park is a few blocks to the east, Riverside Park is just west, and Columbia University is to the north.

Rooms and Bathrooms

In the dormitories, the mattresses, bedding, and pillows are comfortable enough, but the bunk beds are made from metal poles, and creak whenever someone makes so much as the slightest movement during the night. Ventilation in the rooms is almost nonexistent, so that our room was hot and stuffy at the end of December (even though temperatures were near freezing at night). It must be intolerable during the summer. There are strong cooking odors in the sleeping rooms in the morning from the neighborhood.

There are three bathrooms per floor, each with a shower (one of which was under repair). Because these are shared by more than a few people, more often than not there will be a line of people waiting for the bathroom. There was mold in some bathrooms, including athlete’s foot fungus in one, which left us scratching our feet two days into our stay.

Common Spaces

The lounge areas are closed between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., always a pet peeve of ours -- there is no reason to not have the common area open at all times. There is a Starbucks with Wi-Fi in the neighborhood, which opens from 6 a.m. to midnight, if you need longer hours. The Jazz advertises free Wi-Fi, but it only works in the upstairs lounge. Because the lounge is small and many people use the Wi-Fi, the upstairs lounge is very much overcrowded during peak hours. The downstairs lounge Wi-Fi isn’t working, and there are no plans to replace the router.

There are kitchens upstairs and downstairs. Downstairs has a candy machine and a soda machine. There are no meals provided. The front desk (near the upstairs common area) often plays loud music, and cops an attitude when you ask them to turn it down.


Ultimately, we are reminded of a joke on "Real Time With Bill Maher," in regards to the hostel closures. This is a paraphrase, but basically he asked “When did hostel start to mean a hotel that no longer gave a [bleep]”. That seems to be the prevailing attitude at Jazz On Amsterdam. For the price you pay, which is on the upper end of the hostel scale, they might want to try a wee bit harder.

by Ggreg Snyder
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
January 2012

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Great place to stay! If you stayed in hostels in the past, you know what to accept. the fact that there are no more than two people in the room made my stay in NYC so pleasant! Great neighbourhood (UWS), close to the subway. Great price. All in all the best value for money.  , age 27, Canada ()
1   Bedbugs ... not good! My experience at the Fit was not very good. The rooms were dirty, there were bedbugs in the bed. I got quite a few bites. The bathrooms varied, some had broken fixtures, no mirrors or soap.  , age 59, USA ()
3   Good, clean, affordable. Clean bathroom and bedrooms. Bagel breakfast, small but adequate. Disliked four dollar bag holding fee. Overall, ok.  , United States ()
3   Ok Price was okay although you have to pay extra for almost everything (including Wifi). Breakfast was ok. Location was great but really loud at night, especially in the morning. Bed was horrible, creaking! All in all it's ok -- I booked it last minute for one night, I guess I'd do it again -- the price is just really good.  ()
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