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A Venice Museum

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Hostelz.com's Review
A Venice Museum is extremely unique and the included breakfast is delicious. The name of the hostel is no exaggeration -- it is really an old museum that has been remodeled as a youth hostel.

The Location

The location of this hostel is great -- once you find it. Navigating through the winding streets of Venice, it is easy to miss a turn and get lost attempting to find this hostel. It is located about twenty-five minutes from the train station by foot and in Venice there are no options for bus rides or taxis. You can, however, take a ferry style gondola ride or water taxi to another port closer to the hostel. Also, the hostel is located right on a narrow canal and has great views of the water. We would definitely recommend purchasing a city map with street names before trying to locate this hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

A Venice Museum has bunk bed-style dormitories with shared bathrooms. The beds have extremely thin mattresses and they are pretty noisy. The rooms are divided into all girls or all guys, which means you won't share a bathroom with someone of the opposite sex. The decorations in the bedrooms are very nice. Some rooms have chandeliers, others have fireplaces, and they all have old artwork hung on the walls.

The bathrooms are small and there is only one shower and toilet for each room that may be sleeping up to eight people. Towels and soap are not included but linens and pillows are.

Common Spaces

The only common space at this hostel is in the dining room area where the complimentary breakfast and dinner is served. The fact that this hostel serves two meals makes it really nice if you are trying to meet other travelers or save on money. During the day the hostel is pretty empty and there usually aren't a lot of people in the dining area.

At night after dinner, the common space fills up and the visitors gather to listen to music and play games. The noise could be somewhat of a problem at night if you are trying to go to bed early since there are no specified quiet hours, but is a really great place to eat meals with fellow travelers and get to know one another.


All in all, we think this is a great hostel that has a lot to offer that many other places do not. The meals are homemade and and the rooms and bathrooms are always clean. The hostel is difficult to find at first, but you will soon realize that many other places in Venice are as well.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
July 2009

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   It's a low standard of hostel I stayed in the Venice Museum 2 nights, 1-2 June 2011. From my experience that I have been traveling in many countries I can say that this is the worst hostel/backpacker I have seen in my life. The staffs are not useful. All bedrooms are so dirty. They don't have even the keys for the bedrooms. Toilet and bathroom are the worst thing here. It's so dirty, disgusting, and smelly. Also, taps in the bathroom are broken. The price that was showed in the website hasn't included pillow and cover sheet. You have to pay extra for 5 pounds to get a pillow and cover sheet here. It was so nightmare for me.  , Thailand ()
5   Great staff! I am not sure what I would have done if I had gotten that sick anywhere else! They frequently checked up on me during the two days I was bed-ridden, then called in a doctor, and then a boat ambulance! The owner even came with me to translate in the emergency room! I couldn't even imagine being in some of the hostels that I have stayed at during some of my travels and getting this sick while traveling alone. Furthermore, the hostel itself is relatively easy to find coming from the train station when you take the vaporetto, and has a charming character -- like the rest of Venezia. On top of all the positives are the included breakfasts and dinners made by the staff that help to build a community feeling amongst the travelers; great for those traveling alone! Thanks for all your help and I'll have to visit again to see more of Venice, this time I promise not to get sick!  , Canada ()
5   Wonderful! This hostel was the best place we stayed at in all of Europe! The place is beautiful inside and out and the owners are fantastic! Its a super deal because of the free meals, and they cook great food too! Definitely go here, you wont want to leave. We felt safe and comfortable here. Make sure you have exact directions from the S. Toma stop if you are coming in late at night, the streets can be like a maze even though its very close to the stop.  , USA ()

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