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It is the worst place I have ever stayed.
The town of Avalon is the closest I have come to paradise on earth and I would recommend it to any visitor to Oz. As for work -- rise early, get on a list, or stand out front and it will find you.
I will never forget Avalon. I always tell people it is as if someone sprinkled pixie dust on it. It is one of my top 2 beaches in the world (Wailea, Maui being the other). If you want to chill out in paradise, this is it!
I stayed at Avalon in 92 and still have fond memories of the place. It was a great place to find casual work and chill out. Mind you the competition for work got a bit tense at times, as it was a first up first get the work. I remember that I was that desperate for work one time that I stayed up all night just to get my name first on the work list. Still it was all good fun and you can do this sort of thing when you are young!
Be warned that the Avalon RSL is the only pub, but down the road is the Newport Arms, which on a hot summers afternoon I don't think that they're is a better pub in the world. It's not too bad in the evenings either.
We were there 10 years ago and it was fantastic. We loved it and would recommend it to everyone.
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