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Moscow is such amazing place! I've been many places in Europe and in Russia as well and it is on the top tier cities of Europe in my mind. The people are just awesome to you there and the women were so beautiful everywhere we went. Food is hit and miss depending on where you stay, as well as the overly salty McDonald's as well. Red Square is the pinnacle of what Russia is as a country and is a must see when visiting. You will witness poverty, extreme wealth, and gorgeous architecture all in one afternoon traveling. Be aware of pickpockets and thieves of course although, no one in my group had any issues there at all. Trains will take you to anywhere you want to go but be aware they are not that nice or plush so don't expect much. The history alone will take your breath away as you move through the city. Traffic from the airport is terrible if flying in and will take you three hours to get in or out so be ready. It's the best city I've ever been to but, yes, it's a bit pricey for…
They say that Moscow is the biggest village in the world -- a place you will love or hate, but one you must see in your lifetime to appreciate the gravity of history. Russians are intense people who don't mince words, which often rubs Anglo-Saxons the wrong way. I loved Moscow for the contradictions that it is; vibrant, monotone, beautiful and hideous, artistic and bland... a mystery i will return to.
The city of Kazan is very nice and quiet in comparison with Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Two days are enough to visit this city, because the historical center is quite small, but it's worth it!
Moscow … What a great city!! I enjoyed it as much as New York, but it's a bit expensive and I live in Dublin!
Moscow … This place has more culture than any city I have ever visited -- the Russian soul is evident and very real. They are a proud people who love who they are and what their nation has accomplished. I cannot get enough of visiting mother Russia.

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