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I visited Swakopmund in September 2008. It is a lovely place but because I was a single female there was no nightlife (I was too scared). Nobody speaks to you unless you reach out first. I'm doing it again in September 2009 with hubby, and hoping it will be more fun.
Windhoek is the nices, cleanest I've seen.
Windhoek is the place where the wilds of Namibia are contained. Regardless of your travel plans, you will inevitably find yourself spending some time in Windhoek. This is not something to avoid, as Windhoek offers one of Southern Africa’s more curious capital cities. As a former German colony, Windhoek is somewhere to …
Swakopmund is the wilder side of Namibia. For many, their Namibia "loop" will involve the inevitable adrenalin-pumping stop in this intriguing city. Swakopmund affords visitors the chance to engage in some of Southern Africa’s most exciting activities, from skydiving to dune boarding. For those looking for something a …