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If you go to Eilat, you will fall in love with the town, its beaches, the desert on the back, its nice bars and promenade...Don't miss the dolphin reef and have a drink at 3 Monkey's-- the best pub in town!
I visited Mitzpe Ramon in September 2003. And I was the happiest woman in the world there. There it is -- pure, genuine, wonderful paradise.
Mitzpe Ramon is a large town located in the central Negrev Desert between Be'er Sheva in the north and Eilat in the south. The town is known for its large craters and vast desert views located on the edge of the town. It is known for hikes and camping throughout Israel and often considered one of the most beautiful …
Eilat is a resort town located at the very tip of Israel on the Red Sea; it is often considered Israel's version of Las Vegas. It is an ideal town to catch some sun on the beach, have a drink in one of its many bars and clubs, or enjoy the Bay of Aqaba with its many water-based activities. Eilat is also a common city …