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You have no reason to come to Sittingbourne -- we have nothing.
Canterbury is a gorgeous city! Take a river baot trip (from Weaver's), Go to the Cathedral (quite expensive but SO worth it). Rent a bike and go to Whitstable on the Crabbe and Winkle route. There's a park next to the West tower at the end of High street which is really nice. I love Canterbury!
Dover is the main access port into Britain, with both the Chunnel and many of the main ferry lines terminating here. The city is also well known for its cliffs made of white chalk, featured in many stories and legends from long ago. If you are staying a night there are not a lot of choices for hostels in Dover. If …
Canterbury is a university town located in the district of Kent in southeast England. It is a great town for a stop of a day or two to explore what the town has to offer. Many areas of the town have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, so it's worth just going for a wander around the compact main town and …