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Beijing Municipality Hostels

Beijing Municipality

Beijing Municipality Comments

Beijing and the Great Wall of China are two places all first-time visitors should put on their itinerary. To avoid tourist scams (and in Beijing there are many) read about it in your travel guidebook before you go to Beijing.
I love Beijing! The air quality is terrible, the traffic is a nightmare, and all of the tourist sights are crowded, but I still love Beijing because there is so much to see and do. Locals are very friendly, but make sure you bring a Mandarin phrase book. I easily spent six days here.
Beijing … Don't stay near the Tian'anmen Square area. It's full of tourists traps and pickpockets. Everybody tries to rip you off. Noisy everywhere. But Tian'anmen Square and Forbidden City are great!
Beijing … Great city, loads to see, forget about Mao's tomb, 3 odd hours to queue and no backpacks / water bottles allowed. The Wall is amazing, but Ming tomb's a waste of time. Tianeman Square, the Forbidden City, the Buddist temples, and the parks are great and the locals are very friendly. A major problem is language, you must have English - Mandarin cards or else... A funny story is an American tourist who used the box of matches from the hotel. The taxi took him to the match factory! Otherwise great. Train travel is very easy - use SEAT61.com, a great website about train travel.

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