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St Christopher's Inn - Bauhaus Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
St Christopher's Inn - Bauhaus Hostel, this little party hostel, has the apparent ability to leave you with a lasting hangover.

The Location

Situated within the walls of the city area, the hostel is easily accessible by public transport. If you are arriving by train, you can take the 6 or 16 tram to the hostel. The stop is just around the corner from the hostel. A good number of staff at the train station speak English, so you shouldn't have too much trouble purchasing a ticket before hopping on the tram. Alternatively, you can walk from the station -- it is a good thirty-minute walk, although there are no hills! Parking is available in the surrounding streets. The hostel itself comprises of five buildings including a bar and a restaurant. The photograph included is of the main reception building. The walk into town is an easy, ten-minute stroll, and there is a decent supermarket nearby.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The buildings, poky at best, are full of winding corridors that make this hostel difficult to navigate at times. The dorm rooms are small with as many possible beds crammed in. There is a sink in the dorms, as well as ample power point facilities. The showers are decent with hot water and no pressure problems. There are hooks and shelves in the shower area for your belongings. The toilets are somewhat horrible after the evening, and many do not have washroom facilities (presumably why there is a sink in the room). Only some provide hand sanitiser.

Common Spaces

There is an outdoors smoking area as well as a small common room. Having said that, the best place to meet fellow travelers is in the bar area. Wi-Fi is free, however, it's only available in the reception building and common area as well as the bar area. It is not available in the rooms. Laundry facilities are available for an all-inclusive price. The hostel also offers a free walking tour and the hire of bicycles. Breakfast is included, and it's a decent spread. Drinks at the bar are reasonably priced.

The downside to this hostel is that there are neither kitchen facilities nor a dining room. Given that the hostel is spread out over the five buildings, it is difficult to meet other travelers as many simply enter the common space to use the Wi-Fi and then leave. If you don't want to eat in the hostel restaurant, simply pack a picnic from the nearby supermarket and go to the park with windmills at the end of the street.


This is a great hostel if you're only staying a night. For seasoned travelers, you might just have to suck it up and stay here because your choices in Brugge are limited!

by LeLe
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
May 2013

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Good place to rest and enjoy a beer This hostel is a good place to rest and nearby to the mains streets but you must to know the bathrooms are out of the rooms. However, you have a complete service as lockers, restaurant, plugs and light by your bed and laundry. The bar is a good place for enjoy a beer with rock music at night but is a quiet place at day. I didn't have problems for sleep but if you are above the bar maybe the noise can be a problem I don't know.  , age 26, Spain ()
4   Overall cant complain much Good -- pretty friendly staff; great breakfast of bread, pate, cereal, orange juice; curtains for beds and own light and charger in bed; awesome in brugges tour (run by a guy from outside, but sign up at reception -- its free and the loud skin head guy who runs its is absolutely top notch, great character and awesome tour). Bad -- showers are never hot, wifi doesnt work in the room, no shared kitchen (as far as i could find).  , age 32, uk ()
3   Great Location and Good for Nightlife This St. Christopher's Inn is more of a bar with rooms attached than it is a hostel. Brugge is a very small city, so wherever you stay you are in a good location. The beds were average and the bathrooms smelled pretty bad, but it was a very acceptable hostel for our standards. Be wary that if you are looking for a quiet and quaint place to stay on the weekend, this is not the place for you. The guests are normally younger and tend to stay out later and come in late which can either be a good, or a bad thing depending on your interests. The WiFi is only available in the lobby and it sucks bad!! So don't rely on the WiFi there. The breakfast is the standard hostel breakfast with rolls and juice, nothing too exciting. The staff was very friendly, but sometimes worked very slowly when there were a lot of people around. All in all it was an ok hostel, nothing spectacular.  , age 21, United States ()
1   Very poor and expensive hostel and breakfast. In last 20 years we visited more than 100 hostels in all parts of the world, but the Bauhaus in Brugge was one of the worst. Twin room, very small, unisex WC on the first floor for approx 20 people without water, breakfast the poorest one we ever got, and the price comparatively among the highest. Distance from rail station across the whole city center, buses on weekends only one per hour ... I do not recommend this hostel.  ()
4   Decent hostel, good bar, adequate breakfast, bad restaurant. A bit far from the train station but the whole town is quite small. A few buses stop close by, bus drivers are very friendly and can tell you how to get there. Staff are quite friendly and informative, interesting mix of people from around the world! Breakfast is a couple of rolls, some butter and jam, a hardboiled egg or two, some cold cuts and cheese, tea/coffee. It is served in the restaurant. It gets VERY busy at breakfast, please be nice to the staff as they try to keep up! The restaurant itself is not that great. For the same price you can eat out and have a better meal. The bar is cozy and warm, the crowd, well that depends on the guests, most of them were great conversation and interesting, though there were a few whiners but that isn't the hostel's fault. Bathrooms and showers are as clean as you can expect for the numbers they serve.  , Canada ()
2   Quite disappointed i chose this hostel because the one in London was great. however this time i didn't have a pleasant stay. there was no hot water for shower, only a bit warm water, the music from the bar downstairs was so loud that i couldn't sleep. also, there was something wrong with the system so they made a mistake with the number of beds available in my room which took an hour to settle down.  ()
1   St. Christopher's Inn Bruges Belgium The private room en-suite I was in was very clean and quite roomy. Breakfast was included and ok, provided you arrived early. The thing is it was impossible to sleep in this place because of the central heating system which seems to have been inadequately installed. Then the noise erupting from the pipes every 30 minutes prevented any sound sleep. There was also the lack of common room and guest kitchen and there wasn't even a microwave on sight! Plus, the TV which was supposed to work didn't and then food in the restaurant was just as pricey as everywhere else in town. Staff was nice but not helpful at all.  , France ()
4   Helpful staff Very good, friendly, helpful, and professional staff. They found my lost wallet. Note there are two entrances -- in a bar and a reception two houses away. I stayed in a room of eight beds with two other people divided into to parts with one sink. But you had to change floor for the showers.  , France ()

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