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Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
In an expensive city like Copenhagen, Copenhagen Downtown Hostel is one of your few options if you want to stay right in the centre of Copenhagen. This relatively new hostel has a prime central location, a perfect base for sightseeing. However, all of the crazy add-on fees and the long list of fines they give you when you arrive will make you wonder whether you want to stay there. You must rent linen for an additional fee, or bring your own, otherwise there is a fine for using improper linen or for using a sleeping bag. Failing to return the linen to the front desk has a fine. The hostel also does not include breakfast in its rates.

The Location

The hostel is a fifteen-minute walk from Norreport Station (metro) or Kobenhaven H (train). The hostel is difficult to find as streets are not clearly labeled and the hostel doesn't have a prominent sign, but if you closely follow the directions you will find it. The hostel is ideal for exploring the city centre by walking, and is right near Tivoli. Note that the reception is located in the café, and the rooms are in the separate building next door. Parking is available off-site (fifteen-minute walk) for a per-twenty-four-hour fee.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel has two to four bed privates, and ten bed dorms. The keycard is used to open the front door and the room doors. There are lockers available for a fee at reception, but not in the rooms. The bunks have odd ladders, which are not very safe, so be careful! There is luggage storage space in cupboards in the room.

The bathrooms are dirty and poorly laid out, with the shower being on the same floor as the toilet, making the whole washroom wet. There is a ledge to put soap and clothes, but it is quite dirty. The shower flow is a bit weak. There are not enough washrooms, so people are often waiting in the hallways for one.

Common Spaces

The hostel is supposed to have a kitchen, but it is not really a full kitchen yet. The main common spaces are the café itself and some tables at the back. Internet is available there for a fee. There is a complete lack of atmosphere at this hostel, with the café being quite dead. There were some older people and families around, and a bit of a sketchy feel to the place. Most guests were quiet and kept to themselves -- definitely not a social hostel.


Copenhagen has limited options for hostels, and this one has a prime central location. The location is only reason to stay here, otherwise, it is not worth a stay until significant improvements are made.

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September 2009

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Great location, great staff, limited access to lockers I liked my two day stay at the hostel. The staff was friendly and helpful. There was a lot of nice places within walking distance. I didn't like that I didn't get access to lockers and couldn't lock in my luggage. The bedrooms had kind of bad AC too. Overall my stay was good.  , age 20, Sweden ()
5   EXCELLENT CHOICE This hostel is ideally located within walking distance to the main Railway station (15-20min) and to the main pedestrian zone (5min). Has all the facilities the traveler needs and even rents iPads for use in the bar area and provides free dinner (huge salad in my case) so perfect to socialize with the other fellow travelers. Clean dorms and toilets/showers, friendly and helpful staff and good bar and breakfast buffet.  , age 33, Germany ()
5   GREAT PLACE Myself and my wife have spent a very pleasant new years eve in this great city. The hostel was really clean, friendly, and the atmosphere just unique. I want to thank Jacob, one of the guys who works there, for his help and kindness. We will return to Copenhagen and we will stay in this hostel again. It's a promise!  , ITALIAN ()
5   A definite bang for your buck! All the three C's a hostel needs -- clean, calm, and central, yet vibrant. Feels like a small, hip slice of Brooklyn right in the heart of Copenhagen. All you can eat breakfast for a small penny, free laptop and tablet rentals, bike rentals, and really helpful staff. Don't just take my word for it -- go see for yourself!  , Finland ()
2   Not good for the money They cram as many beds as possible into each room, there are charges for not being an ICC member, about 5 euro's per night and the bed linen rental is not cheap if you don't have your own. there was not enough bathrooms or toilets, a queue in the morning on my floor and they charged me full price, I paid a 10% deposit through my booking on the internet but it didn't matter, they charged me full price anyway. The location was pretty good and it was clean, that is about all the good things it has going for it.  , Scotland ()
3   Good Location This hostel had a very good location, its most redemming quality. Otherwise, the rooms were very small... just big enough to fit the beds (which flip up against the wall), and in some cases not even big enough to do that. In 2 of the 3 rooms I stayed in the door couldn't be opened if one of the beds was down... which it would be if that person was sleeping, in which case they would be awoken by the door slamming into the bed when someone tried to get in. The hsotel could be very noisy when filled with school groups, and there were only 3 toilets and 3 showers (in a total of 4 bathrooms) on each floor. There were no sinks in the rooms, and in many cases no mirrors, meaning everything needed to be done in the bathrooms. As a result there was regularly a queue in the mornings. The central location meant that it was very very noisy outside and unfortunately the rooms were so hot and humid no matter what the weather outside, the windows had be be left open all night, leading to arguements in the dorm rooms where some people preferrered quiet to air and others vice versa. If I had to stay in Copenhagen, despite the problems, I would still chose this hostel over the others I stayed in (Copenhagen City and City Public Hostel).  , Canada/UK ()
3   Still in renovation. Well it was suppose to open in April. opened in May, still in renovation. There were two bathrooms and two showers on my floor with about a dozen of rooms which ranges from four to eight beds. You do the math. No lockers. But on the plus side -- very, very clean!  , Canadian ()

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