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Archie's House

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Archie's House is inexpensive, with a very nice staff who seem pleased to help you navigate Venice. But the facilities are very old and dingy, making the whole place feel very dirty and uncomfortable.

The Location

The location is easily the best part about this hostel. It's located almost directly between the train station and the main tourist sites of San Marco and the Rialto Bridge, so everything is within a twenty-minute walk (depending on how many tourists are in the way).

When you leave the train station, turn left and keep going straight for quite some time. You will pass through a couple of squares -- just be sure to take the path in the back to the left. Eventually you will reach a point where the road seems to split into three, where the street you are walking on (which, at this point, should be Rio Tera San Leonardo) meets Rio Tera Del Cristo. Archie's house will be to the left, under a sign that says "Rooms Archie's."

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are large and come with lockers (locks and keys provided). The dorms have five single beds, but there are also options of privates and doubles and such. Each bed has its own outlet and reading light, although the light is pretty dim. The rooms themselves could do with some serious renovation; it just feels like it's falling apart and the result is that it looks pretty filthy (although it's probably less about dirt and more about age). There is a small sink and mirror in the room as well, but you oddly have to stand on an unstable wooden platform to reach it.

The bathrooms are probably the worst thing about this place. First, you have to pay a fee per eight minutes of hot water, and you can only do it when reception is open. Everything that you use (sink, toilet) feels clean, but the floors and the walls feel old and dirty, which makes taking a shower here really unpleasant.

Common Spaces

The "kitchen" is a refrigerator and a microwave, and there are no utensils or plates or cups or anything, so even if you decide to microwave some water for tea or something, there's no place to put it. The common area stretches from the kitchen down a hall -- basically the common area is a tiny room and a hallway. There are two computers available for use, and they're usually open if you don't have a device for the free Wi-Fi. Downstairs, there is also a big, open space covered in dingy carpets, but it has a ping pong table if you care to play.

Since the hostel isn't exactly high quality, people pretty much just use it as a base for exploring the city. As a result, it isn't very social, and you'll rarely run into other backpackers.


The great location and low price make it a good choice if you literally don't care about anything else. But if you like things relatively clean, or the ability to take a hot shower for free, you should look elsewhere.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
April 2012

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
3   You get what you pay for With 19 Euros a night during Carnavale weekend, the price on this deal was unbeatable. The host could be more cordial, the bathrooms and sheets could be cleaner. Actually, the entire place could use a work up but I'm not going to complain for the price we got it for. Archie could easily make this into a prime, expensive hostel with some work. Thanks for a good stay Archie!  , age 19, USA ()
5   I'll be back soon ... ... and I never felt staying in a dirty place. a fresh bed and for the shower take flip flops -- that's all you need. GOOD that people are heading into the city, everything is near -- and FINE it is not too "social" ... All is perfect, as you'll find out within 2, 3 days and then you stay longer. why talking about the 1 euro for hot shower ... in downtown Venice ... (take a cold one then!). I' m back very soon!!  , age 59, german ()
3   Good and cheap place for short term stay I spent two nights in Archie's. Overall it was a good experience. Archie with his son Ari are very friendly and supportive. Facilities are ok in comparison to the cheap prices. Perfect place in the city center to stay for students and for those who are short of budget.  , age 24, Pakistani ()
4   Convenient loction and nice host! The hotel is close to the venezia S.Luisa station (walk time about 10min). The host is really a nice person. You can leave the luggage there by paying 1Euro after checking out, that is cheap and convenient! The room is a bit old but the space wild. Only a little problem is that there only can take cold shower.  , age 21, Taiwan ()
5   Great hosts, great location, will go back always Enjoyed my stay with Archie and Family! you get what you pay for -- cheap and comfortable, that's ARCHIES!  , age 60, Wales Gran Bretagna ()
5   Super Archie and his son is a great person and smiles people, I highly recommend because of the great atmosphere of a hostel and a very good location.  , age 31, Poland ()
1   Great location, atrocious conditions! My girlfriend and I stayed at Archie's house in Venice for 4 nights and the conditions and hygiene of the hostel were terrible! Given, the location was perfect and Ari, Archie's son, was a good bloke, but unfortunately that is all I can say for this place. During our travels throughout Europe, we have stayed in some pretty rough hostels, but nothing could've prepared us for Archie's House. The bathrooms were is complete disarray with the shower and toilets looking like they've never been cleaned. When my girlfriend notified the staff, he said he'd address the issues then went back to bed. At night the rooms were like saunas with Mosquitos eating you alive while you get whatever little sleep you're able. The pros were no bedbugs and, like I mentioned previously, the location. It was such a shame as Venice is such a beautiful city and this place could be so much more. Thankfully Archie's House didn't have a negative affect on our experience on Venice. Definitely will be returning to Venice, but can't say the same for tired Archie's House.  , age 26, Australia ()
2   Very good location and enough for sleeping We stayed at Archies one day and it was ok for the basics. The water in the shower was not so cold as I expected. The location is really great, in our room was a bit loud, but it is almost everywhere in Venice. Our host was very friendly. The hostel needs some refurbishment, but if you dont pay much attention it is alright.  , age 28, Germany ()
1   The worst place I was there 2 days ago and I think is the worst hostel, is cheap but is dirty you have to pay for every thing and the bathroom, ewwww. I didnt like it. Bad experience.  , age 23, colombian ()
4   Very cheap and good location! Value for money! This hostel is really accessible as it is located just a few streets from the train station. The room was big and clean with a sink in it too! The lady host was really helpful and friendly, she gave us advice on how to walk to the attractions and also which attractions to visit!  , Singapore ()
4   Great hospitality, medium accommodation Archie and his family are awesome, very friendly and welcoming. We were lucky in getting a nice room with a private bathroom, but speaking to other guests, they say they had bedbugs. You get what you pay for, for only 18 euros a night archies is a great place.  , age 19, Canada ()
5   Great owners, great location I stayed there with two friends for two nights, Archie, and his son were really kind and helpful. The hostel was clean and the price was cheap. Attention for turkish people, Archie can speak turkish really well!  , age 21, Turkey ()
4   Ca'Archie! (doesn't that sound grand and venetian?) Very easy access from Piazzale Roma and Santa Lucia ferrovia, then just a minute's walk from Vaporetto San Marcuola. Perfect. As for the amenities, what you see is what you get. But it's the cheapest I've found in Venice -- beds are clean, all the rest could do with a fresh look at what travelers are looking for. We should band together and do a week's cleaning and painting, get rid of the musty carpets and get new ones (they're cheap). Then tell Archie and i figli to raise the price just a bit and get a cleaning man or woman in a couple of times each week to make it cleaner and cosier. I'll go back to Archies if I'm on my own, but if I find a sweetheart I go somewhere a little posher.  , age 70, France ()
5  awesome.  , age 28, french ()
2   Loved the place I stayed here back in 1980. Archie met us at the train station and had his guest book with him. We took a look at it and all the Americans had written "Archie, get some F***ing paint". Back then he also advertised a cook that would make an American breakfast. We could not resist!! It was a dump but we loved it! We spent 3 months backpacking across Europe and Venice was one of our favorite cities!!  , USA ()
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