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Hostel & Hotel Utopia

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1  Bad.  , age 36 ()
1   Could only be worse if it had been on fire. Let me start by saying I have pretty low standards as an ex squatter but I've stayed in better prison cells. You can hear everything that happens outside your room, including the labored breathing of a guy who began to try and let himself into our room whilst my girlfriend was in the bathroom then actually got in my face when I opened the door and asked him what he wanted. Walls filthy covered in grime, graffiti about who had been f***ing there and some blood ... nice. When we arrived we where told we could only pay in cash despite it being advertised that we were supposed to pay the remainder by card on arrival so all our cash immediately gone, presumably so we could be told no refunds. The bed was held together with roughly screwed on steel supports and creaked like crazy so hats off to the people that had managed to have night of passion in there. really not my idea of romance. I'd assume no money has been spent on the hostel for a while which it badly needs. Painting the walls would be a very good start. Then replacing the trashed furniture. The drains are obviously having some issues as when anyone on our floor ran a tap the cold water only sink started loudly gurgling as did the toilet out on the landing. Seriously surprised we didn't have anything robbed out of our room. There is even advice on the door on the way in to sleep with the key in your rooms lock to stop people letting themselves in and a thing saying the hotel accepts no responsibility for thefts! This place pretty much ruined my holiday, my girlfriend rightly hated it all in all a total nightmare. I would have been disappointed if I'd been staying here for free. Any website advertising this overpriced dump should be ashamed.  , england ()
1   Terrible -- one of the worst Mice, rat, bedbugs at this hostel. Owner steals your deposit! The owner crams six people into a hostel room apparently to keep the mice, rat, and bedbugs company. The first night I didnt notice any major problems except for my sheets being torn up. Second night I heard the pitter patter of a rat and counted two mice scurrying on the floor in front of the door. The rat was going into someone's bag looking around. The mice were running around apparently helping the owner clean floors at night. I decided to check out early (was going to pay for a week before that happened) and had several bedbug bites as well. The shower looked ok but then it only put out boiling water, no cold water. I talked to a guy(wouldnt give his name) who said he was the owner and told him about the mice and rat and asked for my deposit back after giving him the key. He refused and stole my deposit. He barely spoke english, was very belligerent as I assume he's heard the rat/mice/bedbug complaint before. I advise do not stay at Hotel Utopia under any circumstances as the owner is a petty crook.  , UK ()
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