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The Review

If you are at all disappointed that hostels are becoming more and more like hotels, then the HI - Venice - Ostello Venezia Hostel is for you! It is a very typical and traditional youth hostel -- the rooms and bathrooms accommodate a large number of people; the ground-floor common area is well-used and teaming with interaction; there are a lot of rules for guests to ensure a safe, respectful atmosphere; a variety of amenities come with a truly nominal cost; and the charge per night is very reasonable.

Large groups come and go frequently, so advance reservations are highly recommended. Reservations can be made online and come with a very useful and friendly email with directions and instructions.

The Location

From the Railway or Coach Stations, take the #2 water bus towards Guidecca and stop at Zitelle, the hostel is readily visible as you approach the stop. An unlimited pass on the water bus is recommended and can be purchased for twelve hours or a couple days. Just a few stops from the hostel brings you to the major marketplaces, St. Mark’s Plaza, and access to the Grand Canal.

The hostel is between a very convenient but small shop (for snacks or sodas) and a charming restaurant with inexpensive and delicious meals (as well as outdoor seating along the water). The neighborhood laundry recently shut down, and the nearest self-service laundry is a few stops away by water bus (plus a little bit of a walk). The neighborhood appears to be safe and very community-oriented. The hostel is right on the water and the view is magnificent, day or night.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are separate dorms for men and women. The rooms and bathrooms are very clean and tidy. The way the beds and rooms are organized is crafty and novel, allowing a lot of people to stay at the hostel in comfort.

At first the mattress felt quite saggy and the pillow felt quite solid, but we had an amazing night’s rest! The sheets were clean and soft and the bunk beds well-maintained (minimal jiggling and virtually no squeaking). The rooms each sleep a lot of people, but the rooms are cleverly divided into sections with half walls, which allows for a bit of privacy and cuts down on noise from other guests. One note, the doors to the rooms do not lock, which makes the free lockers in the rooms a very useful amenity.

The bathrooms are attached to the large rooms and have a number of individual shower stalls and toilet stalls. There is a row of sinks and a long mirror, with plugs on either end for hair dryers or shavers. The staff strongly urge guests to not plug in their electronics to charge (there are few if any plugs in the dorms outside of the bathrooms), and allow electronics to be plugged in and monitored at reception. The shower was good, with steady hot water. The stalls are private and clean but very well-used.

Common Spaces

Check-in is 7 a.m. to midnight, check-out is by 10 a.m. -- both are fast and easy. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and very willing to answer questions. Some of the house rules include no eating/drinking alcohol in the dorms, vacating the hostel from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for cleaning, and using the free lockers in the rooms to store luggage and belongings. If you’re carrying a lot of stuff or large, heavy baggage, be aware that there are enormous flights of stairs leading to each floor.

When the hostel says things accompany a “nominal fee” they actually mean nominal -- the fees are the some of the most reasonable we’ve encountered in any hostel in Europe. Almost everything is a few Euro or less, including luggage storage after departure, twelve hours of Wi-Fi internet access, drinks and snacks from the vending machine, and the additional charge for guests who are not members of Hostelling International.

The common area is a great place to have a meal and meet interesting people from all over the world. The guests appear to be primarily young people, both individuals and large groups. Vending machines provide all manner of snacks, as well as both hot and cold drinks. Breakfast (which is included) lasts until 10 a.m. and comes with two fresh rolls, a sweet spread, and a variety of hot drinks and juices. The coffee drinks come from a machine but have a nice foamy texture and are full flavored (not watery). We especially loved the blood orange juice.


Ostello Venezia does not rest on the fact that it is practically the only option in Venice for travelers looking to stay in a hostel. The atmosphere is friendly and vibrant, the location is beautiful and convenient, and the facilities are well kept and brilliantly organized. The incredible value, from the room charge to the amenities fees, is surprising. It's a great place to meet people and enjoy the city on a budget!
by Sara Taylor Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Generator Hostel Venice" at Fondamenta della Croce, 86.)


Fondamenta della Croce, 86, Giudecca, Venice (Venezia), Veneto, Italy
45.425847, 12.336142 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+39 041 523 8211
+39 041 523 5689
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Great hostel
The generator is a really nice hostel located on giudecca island, and is more convenient than you would think as the vaporetto run frequently and it can be cheap if you buy a pass. The hostel is clean and secure with a lovely downstairs bar, cafe, and bistro and had a nice ambiance. Although I did not particularly enjoy Venice, I did enjoy my stay at the generator.
Age 25, Australia
Great location, service, view
Nice location, easy access to San Marco and San Giorgio, clean, nice lobby, very well organized.
Great place for a decent budget!
As i entered the hostel at half past 12 midnight and i fell in love with the place looks and feels! The ambiance was lovely with fellow hostelites chilling over a beer, playing a game of cards or snooker! The staff, rooms, dorm rooms, food, people ... everything was beyond my expectation.
payal gupta
Age 26, indian
Good place
Clean, big rooms. Beds don't make a sound when you move. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Nice lobby with lot of food, beverages to choose from. One thing I didn't like was the music at night. It was too loud.
Everything was great, AC in the rooms, good beds and pillows, a huge bar, the staff spoke english very well, the only setbacks was a lack of lock on the shower, and that there were too few toilets. The facilities were of high quality, modern, and spotless.
Age 19, Norway
Not what they offered
They should clearly explain that the only way to reach the hostel is via vaporeto, which has a cost of 20€ for 24 hours. They say they have wifi for the guests, but it is not free, 6€ for 2 hours, insane!
More like a prison than a hostel
This place has the atmosphere of a prison (dorm just doesn't cut it). It's horribly institutional. The service is poor. The "breakfast" is coffee and a roll (you have to pay extra for anything else). The bed's were ok but the bathrooms were on the dirty side.
  It's not as inconvenient as it may seem. One boat ride from the train station will get you there. They go frequently and it stops practically in front of the hostel. If you're going to be there three days (even two) it's better to buy the three-day boat pass as soon as you arrive. You will be using the boats often to get to Venice attractions and it pays for itself after a few rides. Being at the hostel was very pleasant. The evening meals were very good at the hostel and you can pick up food supplies at a small supermarket less than a five-minute walk from the hostel. Another nice thing was that the lights were turned off centrally about 11 p.m. eliminating the all too frequent problem at hostels of people coming in very late and turning the lights back on when others are trying to sleep. Overall, a very good experience here.

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