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Berambih Lodge

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Berambih Lodge is ideally located one block from the riverfront. You may feel that you've walked into a jungle bamboo hut as you walk in -- a lot of effort seems to have gone in to kitting out this place. It's not a party hostel but a friendly and welcoming hub to meet like-minded Borneo adventurers.

The Location

Just one minute from the river, situated at the far east end of Carpenter Street, this is the next adjacent road up from the river. From the riverfront, you will see the huge State Assembly building (which almost resembles a large circus tent) on the opposite riverbank. Head away from this, up one block, then turn left; the hostel is located toward the end of the road on your right. If arriving via taxi from the airport or Kuching's central bus station ten kilometers south of the the city center, just ask to be dropped off at Carpenter Street, which is well known -- jump out at the riverfront and take the above two-minute walk yourself.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Dorm and private rooms are a little cramped, but are very clean and come with very comfy beds. There's only one toilet and two showers per floor, but these never seem to be crowded; they also supply hot water, which can be a rarity at hostels this cheap in Borneo.

Common Spaces

The common areas come in two parts. The first is a small lounge with low tables, floor cushions, TV, DVD player, and some films/books -- picture a well-furnished, cosy jungle hut and you'll be on the right track. The second is a spacious dining area with wooden tables and a small kitchen comprising of a drinking water dispenser, a sink, fridge, microwave, kettle, and toaster. Wi-Fi is very strong throughout the building and there's also a PC and printer you can use downstairs (they do unfortunately charge a small hourly fee for this).


Berambih is a cosy, well-furnished hostel that will probably make you want to stay longer than you intended. It has a very homey feel to it and its layout makes it easy to meet other travelers. It's a pretty quiet place, but that's mainly due to the relaxing vibe it gives you. It's definitely recommended as a base to return to in between each national park adventure.

by Chris
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
December 2013

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