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Hostel Royal Plaza (HI-Winnipeg Royal Plaza)

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Hostelz.com's Review
HI - Winnipeg Downtown Hostel is such a great place. It's currently being renovated (as it was bought roughly in April 2007 and is now owned by the owners of the last Winnipeg hostel) and has so much potential to brighten up the downtown area it is in. It was also previously a fairly large motel so it has a pleasant, lived-in feel despite being pretty much a big cement box.

The Location

The location couldn't be much better (and is extremely better than the last hostel location) as it is a three-minute walk from the bus terminal and in the other direction a five-minute walk to the general downtown area. The Manitoba museum and Chinatown are also just a fifteen-minute walk away. Be advised that in general, the downtown area does have its downsides with drugs and gang problems and there are areas you may wish to avoid. Ask the hostel staff about this and also about the security escort service you can obtain back to the hostel from downtown.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms themselves are general hostel rooms with generally six to eight beds a piece and an ensuite bathroom/shower. Lockers are provided in the rooms and are free (need your own lock or you can purchase one downstairs). Either way the maid staff cleans all rooms and bathrooms every day so everything is quite clean and tidy.

Common Spaces

There are a number of common areas in the hostel that seem to be designed to allow a calm and subdued yet still social atmosphere (short of the bar next door). These include a small restaurant downstairs that serves hostel stayers free breakfast until 10 a.m. On the second floor there is a small common room with couch and television along with a number of movies to choose from and a small book exchange. A separate room has two computers for internet access and yet two adjoining rooms have a semi-equipped kitchen (as in very few utensils, bowls, cups, and no stove -- but there is a microwave) and tables and chairs. Perhaps the best part is the bar right next door which the hostel seems to either own or co-own -- cheap drinks and pool table with lounging area. This place used to be a hot spot for the local misfit riff-raff but since the hostel has taken over, this is being replaced by friendly hostelers and locals.


All in all this is totally a worthwhile place to stay while in Winnipeg. The hostel staff is exceedingly friendly and helpful. We hope to be back someday.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
November 2007

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   Room not so clean Was very disappointed, had been there years ago. Now, it seems dirty and less "with it." Funny smell permeates the downstairs.  , age 21, Europe ()
4   Great location I stayed here with my kids in a family room and it was great was hoping to do it again. not sure if it is still an hi hostel, it is not on their website anymore.  ()
4   Great location! Make sure to check out the bar in (next to) the hostel -- great bands, great music! The hostel is right next to downtown, close to most main attractions. The only problem was the kitchen (it was under construction at the time of our visit) -- but that should be fixed by now. So all in all, good hostel. You can never go wrong at a Hi-hostel.  , Canada ()
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