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Hostel Ana Zahirović

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Dirty and worn The hostel was dirty, especially in the bathrooms, all the locks were broken for toilets and there was not any toilet paper most of the time. The shower heads had no wall fixing making it harder to shower.The family sleeps in the area outside and makes it difficult to socialise in that area. Our room had no AC and no curtains. Wifi didn't reach all the rooms. Good location but the worst hostel I stayed at during my interrailing trip when I paid more for this hostel than many others.  , England ()
1   Not at all as advertised We reserved one of the apartments and a room for 3 for 2 couples. Upon arriving, we discovered that the apartment was little more than a dorm room and the attached bathroom had been out of order for months. The wood floors were old and cracks were filled with dirt and grime. The kitchen was piled with dirty dishes and looked like it had not been cleaned in years. We were supposed to have a private bath, but it turned out to be a bath down the hall where the women's had a tiny cubby hole which they called a shower with a moldy curtain around it and it leaked so the floor by the toilet was wet. The balcony was cluttered with piled up furniture and a clothes line making it unusable. While the location was good for touring the palace, it was right above the market and the trash trucks came at 5 AM followed by vendors setting up so it it was very noisy. Though we checked and found no bedbugs we were afraid to set our luggage down. Where the photos show nice teak furniture we had steel frame "prison beds". We stayed one night only because it was too much trouble to find something else but then we left. They would not refund our money for the remainder of our stay claiming to was as advertised -- it most certainly was not! Do not go to this place unless you like moldy, rundown hostels!  , USA ()
1   Infested with Bedbugs! Seemed like a pretty decent place when I checked in -- very helpful staff, good rooms, internet. I woke up after one night there with about fifty bedbug bites. Very unpleasant.  , Australia ()
5   Great location, very helpful staff, and very clean Location is just perfect, the staff is very helpful and gave me all informations I needed about Split, nice place to meet new people and hang around with them. Good vibe.  , Germany ()
5   Cool place Great staff, very friendly and helpful. location is fantastic, just go out of hostel and you are in the middle of all -- bars, great nightlife, restaurants. I will visit this place again.  , australia ()
5   Good time I had a great time there. Fun, clean, great location, staff, and all that jazz in da house!  , USA ()
5   Number one I came to Split for a night and I stayed a lot more, had a great time there, the owner is very helpful and also he party with us! Hostel is very clean and everything is brand new. I will visit this place this summer.  , canada ()
5   Great location, staff, had great time there, very clean This is definitely the best hostel I've ever stayed. Everything was great and there was nothing missing. Great staff, nice place to meet people, and the evening activities are great! Had a great time there and met cool people -- highly recommend.  , australia ()

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